The Last Supper

"We had it all, baby. We did. But somehow, along the way, you got greedy. It's probably my fault; if I hadn't made you feel so important and hyped you up, there's no way you'd have had the guts to flirt with other girls.

This isn't me trying to talk down or you or anything, but we both know how much of a mess you were when we first met. You could never make eye contact; everything you got was based on my contacts. And now, I've polished you beyond recognition; the only thing I asked for in return was for you to love and respect me.

You see, if it was just mere flirtations, you wouldn't be reading this letter. It went beyond that. You were so caught up in the thrill of it that you forgot about me completely. I have one question, though. Am I that forgettable? The thought of me and how I'd never feel once crossed your mind as you lay on our bed with her. And to think that you had me home alone, lonely, and contemplating overdosing.

The day I walked in on both of you on our bed was the day that my heart broke to pieces. Looking into your eyes, there was no form of remorse. I guess I just thought that seeing me and looking into my eyes would evoke some kind of feeling from you; I thought I was something irreplaceable. But there was just a blank stare, and I couldn't relate. I just couldn't understand how what we had and shared could just be lost. And when the tears rolled down my eyes, it was like you didn't even notice them; you were so busy yelling and telling her to go. If you had a heart, I was hoping that you would show me some.

I gave you the opportunity to explain yourself even though there wasn't a need, and you couldn't even come up with a lie. You tried to gaslight me and blame me for your heartlessness. I sat there quietly, crying my eyes out, reminiscing on everything we'd been through... Everything I had to go through for you!

Sitting here today across you at this table, I wonder at your audacity. You still stuck around after what you did. You see, I have allowed you to believe that you successfully gaslighted me, and I apologized. You also apologized, but I'm not having that. You really thought I'd just forgive and forget... No! I was only taking my time to plot a spotless and untraceable homicide. Come on, baby, don't be shocked. Haven't you heard the saying? "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned." Yes! This is the day you die!!!

By the time you read this, you will have already eaten dinner prepared by yours truly. And guess what my special ingredient is? ITS CYANIDE! I'm sure you're already feeling quite drained; that's life slowly leaving you! In about ten minutes from now, this house would be burnt to the ground with you in it. And that would be the end of your miserable existence. Say hi to the devil for me. Goodbye Paul, I've always loved you.-Love, Roxanne."

The microwave dinged as I sealed the letter inside an envelope. Dinner was ready. Paul would be home any minute now, and he'd be surprised to see me here. I had told him earlier today that I'd be going out of town for a convention in Boston. That was a lie; it was all part of my plan. Today he'd go to hell. And I was going to make sure of that !!!

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