Beke Turbor 1 year ago

The Last Word Of A Loved One

We all at times lose our loved once to death, however this decaese leave some word that are worth remembering or kept echoing in our heart β™₯

There is a terrorist that has terrorized the history of humanity right from the day of creation called death. A lot of efforts have been made to stop this terrorist from carrying out its effects, but it proved itself to be inevitable. Some people, as a result of this great terrorist (death), has undergone some spiritual process to ensure that they are not a victim of this terrorist, but it proved itself as no respecter of anyone irrespective of power, wealth, complexion, beauty and influence which I never believe until it proved it to me in the life of a beloved to me. If it was possible to fight back to make sure this my beloved is delivered from your camp, I would do even with my own last breath.

Death visited one of the church members that was very dear to me. This woman was not only dear to me but was to everyone in the church. Due to my nature, being a person who doesn't really want publicity, I will always refuse to go and collect the gift the church has packaged or prepared for the church, but she will always ensure that I have my own portion of the gifts and still repackage it for me. She made me feel honored by each of her actions. She beholds me as a son, and I beheld her as a mother.

What peach me off was the last word she said to me. I uphold this word as someone of us also do for our loved ones. After the Sunday service, it was announced to every member to wait a little bit for the package the church had for the congregation, but I Couldn't wait for that because I a hard and important place to go to. She saw me going and called me bro. Are you going?. I said yes and explained to her the reason why I was going. She said to wait, let me get you your share of the gift prepared for the church, but I insisted no, ma, with a grateful heart. Okay πŸ‘Œ she replied. I said bye Ma as she also said LATER. I was foolish not to realize that the Later was meant to be later later later later later later... I never knew you were bidding me farewell. I never knew that it was the last gift you had for me that you wanted to give me at that time. How I wish I had collected it and kept it in remembrance of you.

Keep on resting in the bosom of the lord until we meet again in eternity in glory with Christ Jesus. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I pray that may we never lose a loved one to this terrorist called death until we are satisfied with life in Jesus' name, Amen.

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