The Legendary Quest (chapter One: King Aryan)

A story of vengeance. Far back in the ancient time, when life on earth was miserable when men fed on leaves when men were men when a man's heart was stronger than that of a lion when a man's bones were stronger than iron, when acid flowed in the veins of men, and when the volcanic eruption took place in the brains of men.

Men contested in a very long marathon for the survival of the fittest, and the fittest was chosen as kingking. To be a king at that time was like being the lord of the rest of the men. Taking whoever he wishes as his slave, marries whoever he wishes as his wife, and punishes and honors whoever he wishes. He was known to be the giver of life and death, the giver of wealth and poverty, and worst of all was that he was regarded as a god and was being worshipped. A time comes when the king king dies, and another vigorous competition of being called god starts all over. At this point of endless competition, men started dispersing to different parts of the earth. Years later, the earth was fully organized with several great kingdoms which were each having a King and all necessary posts that a kingdom needed to move on. A few of the several kingdoms were KRISHAN, HALBIAN, KILBANIA, RABATIA, AND HISHAM.


Hisham was a very well recognized and respected kingdom that was situated in the Arabian region of the world. It was well recognized because of its abundant wealth and its unbreakable war strategy. The popularity of Hisham was made possible by only one man; he was regarded as the kingking amongst kings, a legend among legends, a warrior among warriors, and also the kingking of adventurous journeys. He was nobody but King Aryan, the kingking of Hisham. King Aryan was a highly respected and well-known King; he was extremely feared by all the living creatures in the kingdom, whether mortal or immortal, young or old, brave or coward. In fact, whenever King Aryan enters any wild or evil forest, all the living creatures in the forest will seek a hiding place so that the wrath of King Aryan will not follow them. This was because he had been on many adventurous journeys through many wild forests, and the creatures in the forest had seen how he had dealt with any creature that stood in his way. In short, no mortal or immortal ever had a fight with King Aryan and succeeded in making his back touch the ground. Even the strongest and most feared genie in the world testified that King Aryan was not an ordinary human.

 King Aryan was a brave King. He was a master archer who was highly skilled in archery. He never missed his target to the extent that he could use his bow and arrows to clear out an army blindfolded. The perplexing part is that whenever he strings an arrow and releases it, the arrow must pierce through the body armor of up to 5 of his enemies. This is among the reasons he was feared. He was also a master at swordsmanship. He was very much more skilled in swordsmanship than archery. Then, just imagine how his swordsmanship will be. He was stronger and more accurate when he used his sword because he made use of words in most of the battles he had taken part in, and he was always the conqueror. He uses his sword with great focus and determination that any time he was engaged in a war, his sword was hardly seen because of the great speed and accuracy he uses. He rolls his sword around his body from head to toe within a blink of an eye which makes his sword unseen.

Aryan ruled Hisham with great wisdom. His palace was built with gold, and everything inside the palace was made with glittering diamonds. Any time someone was inside the palace, one could hardly differentiate between day and night because the palace itself was just like a shiny sun. King Aryan had everything a man needed to be happy throughout his life, but his case was different because he thought that he had no reason for living and that it was his only daughter that was forcing him to live. He had a very deep pain in his heart which was caused by the death of his beloved mother, Aaliyah, and his beloved wife, Zafira. If not for princess Yasmin, King Aryan's only daughter, he would have joined Aaliya and Zafira in the home of no return. Because of the love he had for his late wife and mother, he built a room decorated with gold and diamond and carved out the statues of them with gold for remembrance.

The room was kept as a sacred place and was strictly bound to everyone except King Aryan and his personal priest Sakhraj. No day passed by without king Aryan going to spend up to an hour by the statues of his late mother and wife. He had tried his best to make the pains in his heart fade away but could not. The only hope and happiness he has in his life is his only daughter, princess Yasmin. Princess Yasmin, who was now mature, was an extremely beautiful lady. The day Princess Yasmin was given birth was the day her mother died. Since then, Aryan built a secured house for her. The house was up to 5 square kilometers. King Aryan provided everything that would make life comfortable for her in the house; he assigned more than 300 maids to take care of her and more than 1,000 strong warriors to surround the house for her safety. Princess Yasmin lived happily in her secured house since when she was a baby and had never gone out of the house, she had never seen the face of any man if not have a father'. Every day after visiting the statues of his beloved mother and wife, King Aryan world goes to see his daughter and interact with her for some hours before leaving. Any time king Aryan was with his daughter, he felt like he was the happiest man on earth. As princess Yasmin grew older, her beauty kept multiplying.

 Back in other great kingdoms, high priests have done research on who the most beautiful lady in the world was, and the whole of them came up with one particular result," princess Yasmin, the daughter of King Aryan." Any priest who came up with this result skips a heartbeat because of the fear they had for King Aryan. The only thing they did was to inform their kings and other noble and wealthy people all around the kingdom so that they would make a move to seek her hand in marriage. The news of princess Yasmin's beauty spread all over many great kingdoms like wildfire. Within days, many kings, princes, and Noble men started visiting King Aryan to seek his daughter's hand in marriage. Aryan was very perplexed at how they came to know about his daughter, and he was told that the high priests had worked out the research on who the most beautiful lady was, and his daughter was their discovery. King Aryan was, at this point, flabbergasted at the number of nobles coming to seek his daughter's hand in marriage. He told all suitors that they would be called upon when the time came. King Aryan thought for days but had no choice but to inform his daughter about the unexpected suitors. He walked majestically to the secured abode of his daughter. When he reached the doorpost, he stood there contemplating what to tell her.

At last, he knocked at the door, and Princess Yasmin sprang out of her mattress and rushed to the door. She didn't hesitate to open the door because she knew it was her father. King Aryan entered the very large room, and princess Yasmin closed the door. She turned excitedly to look at her father, but instead of seeing her father with a normal happy-looking face, she saw him in a deep thinking mood. She sat close to him and said, "oh father, what has made you upset today? what are you thinking of?" King Aryan tapped his daughter's back and said, "oh, my beloved and only daughter, the happiness of my life" he paused for some seconds and continued, "have you ever thought of the day you will separate from your father? have you ever thought of the day you will get married and leave your father?". He repeated these questions several times.

Princess Yasmin was confused and said to her father, "oh father, the kingking among kings, the warrior among warriors, what on earth will make you come up with such questions? Have I ever shown any sign of not being content with how I am leaving? Or have I shown any sign of discomfort?" She paused for a while and said, "father, there is nothing on earth that will separate me from you..." before she could say any more words, King Aryan looked at her and interrupted, "There is. Verily there is something that can separate you from me" he smiled and continued, "oh my princess, the beauty among beauties, there something constant in life which is change. You cannot live the rest of your life in this house without changing the mode of your lifestyle. You are mature enough to get married, and as a father who loves you, I will advise you to come up with a marriage decision because what I have wanted to avoid cannot be avoided anymore. I have wanted to choose a husband for you, and that is the reason why I've kept you secured in this house since when you were born because I knew that if I had exposed you for every man to see, men would shed blood because of you.

Every man will want to have you for himself because of your radiant beauty. Why I said, I could not avoid what I wanted to avoid because the high priests of our surrounding kingdoms made consultations on who the most beautiful lady on earth was, and you were their discovery. They advertised your beauty to different kingdoms, and right now, as I'm speaking to you, I already have numerous noblemen, princes, brave warriors, and wealthy traders here to seek your hand in marriage and are waiting for feedback from me. I cannot make a decision which may hurt you; that's why I have come to inform you of what is going on so that you may come up with your own decision." Princess Yasmin took a long time thinking and said, "oh father, I understand your situation, and I have agreed to get married but under three conditions." In a slight relief, king Aryan said, "what are the conditions?" Firstly, the man that can have my hand in marriage must be able to clear out an army of 100 warriors blindfolded. Secondly, he must have a fight with each of the contestants and win all the fights. Lastly, he must have a fight with you and make your back touch the ground." King Aryan smiled and said, "you have made a wise decision, but if these decisions stand as it is now, then no one can ever have your hand in marriage."

Princess Yasmin said in a low tune, "oh father, I know that there would hardly be someone who can accomplish these tasks, but impossible things sometimes become possible in desperate times; I would like to see how desperate these men are." King Aryan looked at his chopped off left-hand fingers, touched a scar on his stomach and felt his two artificial molar teeth with his tongue and then said, "your first two conditions might be possible, but the last one can never be possible. No creature on earth can ever make my back touch the ground. Oh, my daughter, this is the right time for me to tell you the history behind my great legendary powers." Princess Yasmin sat back on her mattress, giving all ears to her father as you continued. "It all started when my father attempted to achieve what I have achieved now, though my father did not live to see me.

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