The Legendary Quest (synopsis)

A story of vengeance...Prince Aryan of the kingdom of Hisham embarks on the deadliest legendary mission.

A mission of vengeance and power initiated by the death of his father. His mother, intoxicated with a vengeance due to the loss of her husband, had ruled Hisham and vowed to raise young Aryan to avenge his father. The outcome of the legendary mission turned out to be a tragic one as the false information by the genie Hifreetu about Prince Aryan's death led to the untimely death of Aaliyah, Prince Aryan's mother, and also left his heavily-pregnant wife Zafira depressed. Prince Aryan, while on his mission, accomplished great wonders but at last ended up in Kilkusa's cage. Kilkusa was an evil monster and also a sorcerer; he had foreseen prince Aryan's mission on him and had laid a perfect trap to catch him.

In Kilkusa's den, prince Aryan met thousands of genies that were sent by priests to get information about the forest and were caught. He met Kunara, a legendary genie who was the second to successfully reach the sixth underground world. Kunara had purposely caused himself to be imprisoned as he was also on a mission to find a lost sacred staff. The staff which was borrowed to earth from the sixth underground world by kunara with a promise that it would be returned vanished the moment its use on earth was complete. The disappearance of the staff threw Kunara into confusion as he had pledged to return the staff to Elvaroy, a genie whose emotional and tragic love story with a princess caused him an unbearable pain that he left earth for the sixth underground world. He cried out of grief until his tears formed a river called River Elva, a river that could cure any ailment by merely taking a sip.

Kunara had embarked on another mission to find the lost staff after his first deadly mission of traveling to the sixth underground world in search of a cure for his king's ailment. He finally got an answer from a sage who prophesied to him that the staff would come to him if he patiently waited in kilkusa's cage. In a twist of fate, the sacred staff that Kunara was looking for turned out to be the most sacred relic symbol of the foundation of Hisham. Prince Aryan's father had left Hisham on a mission to secure power by killing the monster kilkusa. He left with the sacred staff since it was known that only piercing kilkusa's heart with the pointed tip of the staff could kill him. Unfortunately, he died at the hands of the monster, and the staff is now in the monster's possession.

Princess Yasmin, King Aryan's only daughter whose mother died the day she was given birth to and whose father returned from his vengeance quest on the same day to meet the most devastating news of his life, is now fully matured, and many noble suitors are on her father's doorstep, seeking her hand in marriage because of her radiant beauty. When confronted by her father about her marriage, she gave a condition that she can only marry a man who can defeat her father in physical combat. King Aryan laughed at his daughter, telling her she would never find such a man as he took her back in time with the story of how he acquired his strength and fame.

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