The Lies Called Reality

This is about the reality of things as opposed to what we are told or made to believe.

We have been lied to☹😭 If you are like me, then these lies have been told to you ever since you entered secondary school. For others, it has been from primary school. Who has been feeding us with these lies? People we don't expect ever to do such. Our teachers. But are they to blame? What if they didn't have any choice? They knew the truth; everybody does actually... But they have to constantly tell us this just for us to pass because if we wrote the truth, we would fail. It's in our syllabus; therefore, it must be taught.

The government approved the syllabus, so they are in charge of what we are learning. What exactly are these lies? That when we are 18, we have the right to vote and be voted for. But is that true? Sure, everybody says when you are 18, you are an adult; hence you have a say in the country's political decisions. But can you actually be voted for? Will people even vote for you? Even people close to you wouldn't. Okay, let's say 18 is too early. What about 25 years? 30? They will still say the same thing. "You are too young."

But I thought people could vote for us once we turned 18. Why are we still so young at 30, even though we have the right qualifications and leadership skills? Let's be truthful. I don't think any of our leaders today are less than 40 years old. Or 50, maybe. The point is, they are old. But can we even allow the young to rule? I mean our mates, our generation, the people we know. Can you actually vote for them? Obviously not!! You may say.

Is it the yahoo boys we want to vote for? Or the cruisers? Or the ones that just like to spend money? Or the ones that don't have respect for others? Or the ones... And the list goes on and on. The truth is, this generation is filled with many bad eggs. But then again, we still have good people. The ones that can actually change this country for good. The ones that are worthy of being called the leaders of tomorrow. So yes, maybe there is still hope. But I think that instead of telling us that we can be voted for when we turn 18, which is not possible, why isn't a much more reasonable age set for us to actually be able to hold political office? Like maybe 30? At least, we know that we can make something out of ourselves before then so that we would be worthy of the position. And if someone isn't up to 30 yet but has met all the requirements, why not?

Remember I told lies, right? Another lie is that we can be voted for irrespective of our gender, background, state of origin, religion, and the likes. But look around; is that really what is happening? Look around!! There's always one form of tribalism or religious conflict and, worse still, gender discrimination. You might start saying I'm a feminist, but if asking for equal opportunities for both males and females is feminism, then it's alright. I was talking to my friend, and I called her the future president's wife, and she said, "why can't I be the president?" And I'm like, "True. Why can't a female be the president?" Once a female starts to aim high, she's over-ambitious, probably can't keep a home, is non-submissive, and is a bad wife, to mention but a few. Anyways, I don't really want to talk about that. These are my thoughts, and you are free to give your opinions.

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