Adegbemile 11 months ago

The Light Of The Night

It shows the beauty of the night and also, the importance of education in the life of every individual.

The beauty of the night
under the shimmer of the light's night
a soft glow spreading across the earth
shining brightly in a cloudless sky
a very beautiful sight to behold

In the gentleness of the beauty of the night
the moonlight gleam on the waters
oh, how I love the beauty of the night
and the glitter of its light
which makes the night outstanding

Without the light of the night
the night has lost its beauty
it becomes dark and lonely
the night will always need
it's light, its beauty

the light of our night
enveloping every ounce of ignorance
giving our night an outstanding beauty, a beauty that is beyond compare

Like the moon brightens our night
education brightens our future
like the stars make the night beautiful
education makes our lives ethereal

Just like nothing can be compared with the moon and stars
education is incomparable in the life of men
education is indeed the best legacy anyone can get
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