The Lingering Dust

This article is about a grieving husband who fails to acknowledge his wife's death...

He didn't need to speak. His eyes did the talking. The kitchen was in full swing as chefs prepared various meals for hungry customers. He watched the cooks with a keen eye; this was his domain, his office. And he was the chef king. Jethro was the top chef at the Vibrance Hotel. One of the key reasons people swamped this establishment, aside from the bubbly atmosphere, was the food.

Jethro was a foodie person; he loved, slept, and created foods from all parts of the country. An avid traveler, he learned about the wonderful foods that the country grew.

Rita had created the wonderful batch of coconut cupcakes and brought them for his approval; nothing goes past the king, someone had stated earlier. She watched with apprehension as he took a bite and slowly chewed the fluffy pastry. While he checked for flaws, she was checking him out. She couldn't resist the mammoth of a man who stood before her. And in her books, neither could the whole lot of junior chefs. His looks were striking: the long, handsome face, jet black hair, and occasionally, an amor which made him look very naughty.

She watched helplessly as he swallowed the last bite and licked the last bite off his fingers.

Rita gave a silent whimper when his bright eyes fell on her. This was her final exam, and she had burnt both lamps and fingers to get this far. He stared at her for a while, taking in the exhausted but determined look on her face. Of the thirty-five junior chefs, she was among the top ten. So far, pastry was her field, and he guided her into it.

Rita waited for a minute before she saw that smirk of his creeping on his lips." Well done, Chef Rita, his deep voice touched her ears. Your coconut cupcakes were interesting. The texture was spongy, moist, and....sweet," he added softly. Rita sighed in relief, "thank you, chef," she said with a small smile. "Your results will be posted on the net." She nodded and left the kitchen.


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