The Listener

It was too sudden and scary; As he jumped up with his face so fury; It was then I realized that proximity is;

It was too sudden and scary
As he jumped up with his face so fury
It was then I realized that proximity is
far distinct from mutuality

I thought we were together?
I thought we were creating an understanding? 
I thought ideas shared were the birth of
a new knowledge.

Just for me to realize that understanding is only created where both Parties are spirit and soul present rather than just body.
While I spoke, he was quiet. I assumed he was part of the conversation So I went on and on making my idea eared.

I couldn't clearly place where we lost understanding 
Hence, he has been silent from start 
while I spoke Until his welcome back as a result of my sudden cream,

Then I realized that though we both were present, I was yet alone. Alas! I said to myself, attention is listening.

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