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This talks about the need to maintain good relationships in the journey of life

Humans are wired to relate, interact and socialize. To succeed in any enterprise in life, be it academics, business, career, or ministry, you need someone you can lean on, someone you can trust. As a Fashion Designer, I have tailor friends who I can always beckon on when I need light and clarity in certain areas. There are topics or areas of concentration a student can miss or neglect that only a reading partner can encourage or remind him to read.

The sad truth is that friendships have been abused, and consequently, a lot of people find it hard to release their hearts to people for fear of betrayal. But then, the gift of men isn't something to toy with. There should be someone you can open up to when you're struggling. It is one thing to be aware of your weaknesses, and it's yet another thing to be honest about them, after which you must open up to someone who can help you. The moment you notice sin lurking around you, expose it! Don't let it bloom! Sin thrives in secrecy.

Someone would proudly say, "I don't have friends." That's not good. You need a friend. Consciously build trusting relationships, conversations, companionship, love, support, friendship, and accountability. Being accountable can help set you right on track when you're deviating. Draw strength from other believers. Being alone in the journey of life is risky. Fighting all your battles alone could be dangerous. Asking for help isn't a weakness. Thinking you can do it all by yourself is a killer myth. Whether the storms of life with someone.

Don't be a loner!

© Faith Abuh

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