The Lost Hope

It’s all about the negativity of Nigerian youths that always think they have no hope and later Got into shady and white elephant businesses. And I think by reading this with all your senses, you’ll see that there are still many positive achievements, opportunities, and blessings on your way. — Adeshola

In the wicked society, I was born into 
fame and popularity is what the people are seeking for 
Because money has been the only thing they worship 
And it has been the only thing they pursue

I tried to be a faithful servant of God 
And not to pass any shortcuts 
Than to do what he ordered us to do 
But many people have forgotten what he told us to do,
In the process of getting quick money, fame and popularity

To be worshipped and to be respected in the society,
They forgot how they left their homes 
They left their families in panic
And cries of sorrow that never stop bleeding 

They’ve forgotten the children of whom they are 
In the process of getting rich quick
They got the money they’ve been craving for,
Spending money lavishly in the city

I thought I had no hope anymore too 
I tried not to follow God 
And tried to do what they also did 
Because I thought there was no God 
Because I thought deeply,
that he should have answered me
my ignorance almost led me to getting quick money,
Gain popularity and fame 
But God held me back,
not to step on the wrong path 
and gave me what have been praying for 
Money, achievement, happiness, and peace of mind
Now I know `GOD‘ the supreme being existed.
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