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The Lost Shepherd

The lost shepherd is a piece that tells us about a shepherd, his duties and responsibilities in the society.

Lost is to miss direction, position, or bearing. At the same time, a shepherd is someone who tends the sheep(people) as used in the church. The Gospel of St Luke 15:4 made it clear to us that the sheep was lost, not the Shepherd himself.

It is of great astonishment to hear that a shepherd is lost. When a shepherd is occupied with so many unimportant things and forgets his important obligations, the book of 2Samuel 11:2-5 tells us that King David was supposed to be on the battlefield, but he stayed back at home, a decision which caused him a lot of unhappiness for the rest of his life. So, when a shepherd gets lost, then the sheep goes astray.

If The Shepherd goes chasing after material, worldly, and inefficacious things and forgets to seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness, then the sheep will have to go and look for him. In this case, we can borrow from the adage which says, "If Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed. " And in a situation whereby a sheep, out of the hundred, is missing and the Shepherd leaves the ninety-nine and goes to scavenge for the lost one, as it is said in the Gospel of Matthew 18:12, then the Shepherd is the Good Shepherd. In an abnormal situation, the reverse is the case.

 A story was told of a pastor who left his church and ran away because of frustration. In this context, the Shepherd is lost. Nowadays, many a Shepherd is lost.


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