The Man Called Bishop

He was the ideal man. A councillor, a man of few words...a father figure...a husband material....but a rapist?!

Peals of laughter echoed through the tranquil community of St Ives. Home to three thousand people, the majority of whom were farmers. A town that shared both modern and ethnic cultures, creating a unique balance between the two worlds. Aya was grateful for the change she made, leaving the lavish life of purple dew in a city with its neverending mobility and wild nights. She needed did her son, Tobias.

She never imagined that her son, who had suffered a traumatic ordeal at just three years old, would eventually speak again. Tears graced her eyes as she watched her energetic champ mount the swings in the local park. He and his friends were indulged in a game of chases.

She stood in front of the two-bedroom flat she had inherited from an old aunt and continued to watch her son play. "Thank you, Lord, she whispered, you never forsake those who call to you" pressing her lips together, a lump filled her throat.

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