The Man I Call Uncle

When you live a life of lies, it's hard to know what is true and what isn't. I thought I was in control of it all.

I was just seven years old when dad separated from mum. Things became very difficult for us that mum had to juggle from one business to the other. She isn't educated, so getting a white-collar job that could pay her well was very hard. I watched my mother struggle every day to make sure she took care of my younger brother and me. I watched her cry many nights, and whenever I asked what the problem was, she would just fake a smile and tell me never to worry, that it was tears of joy.

There's this Uncle of mine, ''dad's relative''. He was the only one from dad's side coming to check up on us since dad left. Whenever he's coming, he usually buys us food items and gets some snacks for my brother and me. Mum was always happy to see him; his presence usually put her in a good mood. One hot afternoon I got back from school and met Uncle at home. I was the only one that came home early. My younger brother branched at mum's shop that very day. I was surprised to see Uncle at that hour because he had never shown up in the afternoon before; considering the fact that he's a civil servant, he usually goes to work.

Good afternoon Uncle! I greeted him. He answered me with a smile on his face as usual. He told me that he had called my mum, and she said I would be coming back home to help her run errands, so he came to keep me company. I was happy, and I excitedly thanked him for being so thoughtful and caring. I was in the kitchen washing plates when Uncle came behind me and poked my tiny breast. I shivered and turned to ask him why. He smiled at me and told me not to be afraid that he was my Uncle and could not harm me. He told me how it was good for someone to be touching my breast so that I would not fall sick. I was scared; I didn't want to get sick or die untimely. As stupid and childish as I was, I just let him touch my body. From my breast, he went down to my legs. There was this feeling that enveloped me as he got to my inner thighs; it felt so good being touched down there.

''Do you like it'', he whispered in my left ear. I didn't know what to say at that point; I just shook my head in affirmation. He then proceeded to remove my undies. I didn't stop him; he was my Uncle whom I respected and trusted so much; I never believed he could do anything wrong to me. The next thing he did was push his finger in my private part. I felt this sharp pain suddenly and pushed his hand out of my body. ''Com'on, I know it's painful; that's how it is when it's your first time''. ''That is why you need to allow me to be touching you there so that the pain will stop. If not, you will fall sick and die, and you know that your mother has suffered too much, or do you want her to cry''. He said.

Just the mention of my mother got me weakened; I hated to see her in pain. Uncle was right; if I die, my mother will be devastated, I thought within me. Uncle proceeded again; this time around, I didn't stop him. It was very painful, but it felt good at the same time. The thought of falling sick, dying and leaving my mother behind to suffer made me give in to everything my Uncle said. He later took me into the room and asked me to lie down, which I did. Within a second, his trouser was off; he climbed on top of my body and started robbing my private part with something I didn't know. It was big and soft, and it felt good on my body. He told me that he was going to put it in my private part, that blood would come out, and the blood is what would have caused me sickness and make me die young.

He asked me not to shout because it would be painful, and I should not tell my mother about it because she would feel bad that I passed through that kind of pain just to make her happy. Uncle convinced me and told me to keep it a secret. He pushed deep inside me with force, closing my mouth with one hand to prevent me from screaming out. I have never felt such pain in my entire life, I felt like pushing him away, but on second thought, my mum and my health were paramount. Even if I tried to push him, I was too small to match up with his strength. In minutes Uncle came down from my body, and I felt something watering and sticky gushing out of my body. He carried me to the bathroom, bathed me, cleaned the bed, and told me to remember not to tell anybody. Not even my brother and I agreed and kept it a secret. He stayed with me till mum got back from the shop with my brother. Later at night, Uncle went back to his house.

With the orientation I got from my Uncle, I started letting my male friends and schoolmates grope me whenever and however they wished. I didn't want any sickness, and neither did I want to die early and leave my mother to suffer. At the age of 13, I had already slept with more than fifteen boys. My Uncle was still in the picture. He showered me with gifts and made sure I never lacked anything. He took care of my mum and my younger brother and provided for all our needs. On some holidays, he would convince mum to allow me to stay in his house till school resumed. That was an opportunity to sleep with me at will whenever his wife and kids were not around. This continued till I clocked 19 years and was about to enter the University. Uncle agreed to continue sponsoring my education. This was because he wanted me to be far from home in order to continue his evil act. He rented a house for me outside campus, where he visited me at will.

He never allowed me to keep a boyfriend; it was a very big concern to me because I wished to get married one day, and there was no way I could marry my Uncle. I was already tired of the life I was living and wanted out, but how was I going to stop when he was the only one taking care of my family and me. I had to open up to the guy I was dating; he got so angry and broke up with me. I felt so used and ashamed of myself. How do I open up to my mother? I wanted to end it all by taking my own life. But on second thought, she was going to suffer without me being around; I didn't want to put her in mystery. Things got out of hand when I found out that I was pregnant for my Uncle. He asked me to abort the baby, but I refused because I had already done six abortions for him. The last one I did, the doctor warned me never to indulge in such again except if I wanted to die.

Uncle wasn't pleased with my refusal to go for an abortion; he then threatened to eliminate me. I got so scared that I had no other option than to open up to mum. Mum was broken; she wept bitterly. I've never seen her in that state before; even when dad left, she never felt this way. ''He is your father; your Uncle is your biological father''. What? Did I hear her right or what? Mum!!! I screamed and looked my mum in the face. She was weak, broken, and in deep pain. I didn't know what to do or think at that very moment. How did Uncle become my father, and just how?

''Your dad left us when he found out that I was having an affair with his cousin; I'm the reason why you passed through this; it's all my fault''. Mum said as she held me very close to herself and wept. He knew I was his daughter and still had the mind to molest and destroy my life. What a wicked world. This world is a dangerous place. Teach your kids sex education at a tender age. Kids easily believe anything they are told and can be very secretive as well. Be careful the kind of life you live as a person; your kids might be affected by your choice of life someday. Life is a lesson; you must not get the experience before you learn. Learn from other people's experiences.


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