The Market Fight

Though the market might be a very interesting place to visit,a lot of things do happen some of which have a become a daily occurance in every local market this short piece gives a clear picture of one.

It was on a Thursday morning, a very busy day to remember. Already lorries were beginning to pile up carrying all sorts of items ranging from cash crops to household materials. The driver's voices could be heard above the increasing noise of cheering and greeting, and some cursing and muttering against their breath as they tried to get the crowd pave away for them despite several failed attempts by their car horns. Everybody seems to have an emergency to attend to that seems to outdo the others. Nobody seemed to notice another, except for a few pleasantries and almost immediately a hurriedly said "goodbye."That seemed to be the motto of the market people in Uba town.

Across one end, the sharp smell of a riped mango, squashed by a moving vehicle, could be scented as it sweeps through the air. Already turning brown due to dust as flies are already settling on it and turning the opportunity into a one-time party. Also, at another end of the street comes up the strong aroma of a nicely cooked pot of stew. That could be no one else but mama Ijasini's eatery. She is usually the first to arrive at the market and the last to go home. Always busily working tirelessly until there are no more empty bellies to fill. Hmm, or perhaps I should say till full pockets run dry. People would usually say time seems to move slowly when you are at mama Ijasini's eatery, which is good at cooking nice meals and same time keeping you entertained with all kinds of stories (latest happenings in town)until you forget your worries.

Well, on this day, it was the same as always, so full of life. People were walking at such quick paces you would think they might break into a run anytime soon. Always I would be walking with mom hurting to catch up with her pace, but today, I was alone. Mom had been ill, and she needed to purchase some stuff from the market, so I had to go alone to get them from her customer. I was soo excited when she called me and said Dan, could you please help me get some stuff from my customer? I said yes! Yes!! Almost immediately, fearing she might have a change of mind about it again. The very thought of being in the market alone and having enough time to look around and appreciate the beauty of the market without being rushed by mom and the very thought of proving to my friends that I was man enough left me with nothing but smiles I was still lost in my thoughts before a lorry driver blasted his horn wildly jolting me back to reality. He was cursing and shouting at me to get out of his way.

I quickly moved to the other end of the road and started towards Mr.Shadrach's shop, mom's most trusted customer. As I walked by, I noticed a small crowd gathered under a mango tree. I began to wonder what was going on. I heard them cheering suddenly out of curiosity; I went closer to have a better view; as I got closer, the cheering grew louder as one man fell onto the other. Only then did I realize what the commotion was all about. Two men had been fighting, one skinny, tall, and light-skinned while the other short, rough, and dark in complexion. The skinny man was definitely no match for his opponent. The short man was holding the skinny man by the legs in an attempt to lift him up the ground as the skinny man struggled for his freedom.

This created some sort of fun as everyone burst into uncontrollable laughter; suddenly, without warning, the short man immediately got an opportunity as the skinny man was trying to regain the balance that was enough time the short man needed. He immediately lifted up the talk man, and the next was the sound of him landing on the ground with such a heavy thud like the sound of a nutshell pumpkin; the sight was soo pitiful as people now struggled to hold the short man off the talk man gradually, the crowd began to dispatch. Suddenly I remembered that I needed to rush to Mr. Shadrach's shop, which was supposed to close by 4 pm. I arrived just in time, got the stuff, and quickly rushed home.

It was not until the next morning that we got the full our neighbor Mrs. Tobi who was also a trader in the market. What actually happened was that Mr. Dami, the short man heard rumors that Mr. Laikun, who happened to be the tall man, was gradually criticizing his products in the market and convincing people not to buy from him. Upon hearing that, he went to confront Mr. Laikun, but Mr Laikun reacted in a rage and started hurling insulation at him; that was when he thought he had had enough, and all hell broke loose. Well, at least I have something to tell my friends so I will be the entertainer of the week and can't wait to visit on the next market day.

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