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The Mind Of The Martyr

Martyrs are those who are killed for their beliefs...Words; Words don't tell lies; They speak the truth about what they mean;

Words don't tell lies 
They speak the truth about what they mean 
But they can't express it all

If brain imaging could tell 
And if it could translate feelings into words 
We would have to ask the apostles, John and Peter and James 
What kind of love lay within them? Love enough to let them die for the gospel.

What did they see??
How a man martyred for what he believes 
From whence were the convictions so strong to let axes through their necks for the work of Christ?

I can imagine Stephen under the sun 
Beaten, stoned for words

Arrows and bows are set for those who claim and speak of the most high
Marchets and guns for those who work in his will, making his name known

Jesus, our example, slain as a lamb for sacrifice for our salvation 
Crowned King of the Jews, replaced for Barnabas, given vinegar for water, pieced to the skin, all for our salvation 

But come to think of it.
Where did sacrifice go
Where's the zeal to serve

Now, we live in a world where the Lordship of God is cliche 
And we all stand folding hands, watching as things go astray 

Now, the work of Christ has become a burden, not a responsibility. 
Days last a while; you see, night is just around the corner. 

Saved not only to enjoy the benefits of salvation 
But to be a blessing, to work in the vineyard of the most high
Bearing fruits that remain

So words alone can't express our love for God 
But our actions would
Why be a bench warmer 
When you can be a soul lifter,

Why turn off your light
When you can be the transformer
Bringing transformations and light to the lives of men

No man was made less than another.
But grace has been given abundantly to all men to function in several capacities. 

Remember, the world is waiting for your manifestation. There's no gain in keeping them waiting.
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