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The Misguided Heart

It relates to the ever confusing mindset you think of yourself and their harsh judgment without getting to know you more.

A misguided heart wailing nonstop seeking succor for a little peace
But the ravaging hurts in its heart are so deep to heal.
Wounded without remedy of hope to its peace. Its adrenaline is feeling weak day after day in a little while to fade away.
Where do the hurt hearts go?
Where does it renovate its strength?
How does it relinquish its tears?
Some say it fate
Some say it is his burden to bear
Howbeit, it may seem, know that its fragileness calls for pity and care to be nurtured.
I travel, hurling everywhere but no one took the time to look me through I held my heart to my hands to escape its restless actions bring me no joy
The very extent of my living is being questioned and judged, my actions are left with no reciprocation from them that do me wrong.
In a seemest way, I could project
I am tushed down and made to hide my expressions to my wane heart.
the little I say, I'm not understood
My silence aggravates their anger
My opinions expressed doubt on faces
My misguided heart now feeds on its residues of what is left to survive its heartbreak.
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