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The Most Awkward Love Traiangle. "sorry But I Love Your Mother"

"How can a young girl like you say such things?"; "Why?" "What's why? Am I not old enough to be your father?";

"How can a young girl like you say such things?"
"What's why? Am I not old enough to be your father?"
"But you're not my father."

"What?! What have you been learning in school lately?"
"How the reproductive organs work."
"Jesus Christ"
"Oh, you must think I'm still a child. I'm not. I'll be clocking 18 soon."
"So, what's the gift you're holding?"

"It's a gift for Mrs Andrews."
"But she's my Mom."
"Yes and?"
"Wait, are you in love with her?"
"Is that a problem?"

"Look, kid. You're an amazing girl, but I would never date you. So if you have some crazy thoughts, get it out of your head!"
"I think I've heard enough," she says, pushing the older man into the couch and trying to force a kiss on him.
"What's going on here, Isabella?!" Cindy screams behind them.
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