The Most Beautiful Thing

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone knows a beauty when they see one.

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty comes from the openness of the mind to be able to see. Life itself is beautiful; nature, humans, and everything occupying the earth is beautiful, and love is the most amazing. Love; It's a pure feeling that comes from an unseen place but is expressed through seeable actions. It's an aura that oozes out of every creation, be it human or animal; it's uncontrollable and endless. Love plays a beautiful part of life that is super unique to human nature. 

Life throws so many challenges; beauty rises from the most broken and wrecked situations. It's an unimaginable expression that is extremely overwhelming. Every individual has been blessed with this unique beauty. However, it takes a pure soul to be able to channel it in the right way. Hauwa had been given out to Afuwape by her parents as a bride due to their inability to pay their debts. 

She had fought tooth and nail rejecting the proposal; she wanted to go to school or at least learn a trade. The need to be independent nagged at her conscience so bad. However, the path her parents chose for her seemed not to go in her favor. She had nowhere or anyone to run to; accepting her fate was the only option left. She wouldn't give in to a man in his middle age with wives old enough to be her mother. She was seventeen; to them, she was overripe for marriage. 

Marriage wasn't what they did; she was gifted away. Nights after night, she rejected him until he forced himself on her amidst punching here and there. She got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Three years passed the little boy couldn't function like the rest of his mates, only to discover he was autistic. Afuwape wouldn't hear of an imbecile in his household; he sent her packing, claiming she must have gotten herself pregnant by someone else.

Returning to her parent's house, their attitude kept her away from them. Her best friend told her to get rid of the baby and move on with her life; she was still very young and beautiful after all. "How about my baby?" She had asked. "Throw him away." They had said. One afternoon, she had been running errands to make ends meet and got home to see her brother beating her child, "what did he do?" She queried. "He peed on himself, messing the whole room up. 

I think you should get him far away from you. How would you get anyone to be with you when you have an imbecile. For your information, no one here would look after him." Her brother told her blankly. "Don't be like that; he isn't useless." Her mother interfered, giving her a pitying look; she wished she could help but was powerless. She lifted her child and was drawn to tears by the innocence on his face. He didn't choose to be here; if only they both had a choice. 

Hauwa packed her bags, strapping her child to her back, leaving home to search for a better life for her child. When asked why she would like to work as a cleaner in an autistic school for free, she said for her son. She was determined to dedicate her life to her son, not thinking of how much hurt she had faced and would still face for birthing him. The first time her son spoke and called her mother. She smiled, saying, "that there is my present and future." Her love for the child was overwhelming; despite her tribulations, she found joy in her child's happiness.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is "A MOTHER'S LOVE."Every woman has gone through pain, tears, depression, and hurt. Carry scars that would never heal. But they strive for the sake of their children. A mother's love never withers; it stays till kingdom come. The pains of the child are felt, and the heart feels when the child is in trouble.

A mother's love sustains the child until the end, when the whole world turns its back and says, "toss him or her away." Or "this child would never amount to nothing." The mother stands tall and says, "my child is a survivor!" A mother's love strives through thick and thin for her fruits. Night vigils aren't new to them; they had been since the day a life grew inside them.

A love that never fades even when hurt and neglected. Instead, it prays and seeks the peace of its loved ones. How else does one prove love aside from giving one's life? The love a mother has is enough to keep the whole world alive. A heart that aches when its loved ones are in pain; they would rather lack than have their offspring begging.

She would walk a thousand miles to reach her children. She would run through the traffic to sell in the scorching sun and pelting rain to provide food for her children. She would hawk the whole streets of the state to ensure they don't go hungry. She would beg strangers to help feed her child; she would fast for days for the greatness of her fruit. She would fight with the last drop of her blood against anyone who stood in her child's way. 

A mother would die a hundred times more than watching her child die. She would walk barefooted on a hot coal to keep her child alive. She would be crucified, beaten, and disgraced but never falter as long as her child was okay. Every mother is a warrior. Life is easy when there is a mother to turn to. For me, nothing is more beautiful than "A MOTHER'S LOVE." It's the only beautiful thing that lives on till eternity.

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