The Most Beautiful Thing

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is life. Though it has its ups and downs but some things actually makes it worth living.

On certain days, things are brought to us in gold, silver, or diamond. But the most beautiful of them is life. Despite its complications and misunderstandings but we still get to say it's beautiful. The most amazing part is the part that it partially serves everyone; some get to eat with a silver spoon and plate, while others eat with a steel plate and spoon. A teacher of life once said, "life can only be beautiful depending on how we view it" despite its complications, ups, and downs, we still live to embrace the fact that we have to live. Another teacher of life said, "life is not a bed of roses," but then if it's not, roses have thorns too.

 Certain principles hold life at ransom. The principles of attraction, the principles of uncertainty, and finally, love. But most times, we find life so engaging because it has chosen to play fair with us in the game of chess that we forget that without applying these principles that, life can hit us so badly, and we might never get up. Then we believe that life is a game, it plays everyone at its weakness and gets played at their strength, but we just don't embrace the fact that it is a game and wait for it to play us even when our weaknesses are obvious to it.

Most times, we initiate a game with life, but then we lose, maybe because we are not prepared for what it might seem, but we are also not prepared for what it will tender us; at the end of the day, it's hitting us two to zero, and we see that we have lost in the game we initiated. When do we believe that truly, life is a time, tick-tack it continues moving, against the tides and storm, no matter how we sit at a place or whatever happens, life goes on, such is time? We underrate and overrate life, but life is a treasure, a gift everyone should accept with great faith because it is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Amobi Amalachukwu Blessing

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