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The Mystery Man

It was told in the days of yore; when this God was strange to us; where all elements represent; a small deity;

It was told in the days of yore
when this God was strange to us
where all elements represent
a small deity.
White fathers insist
We must desist from tree gods
And follow their instructions
Their attitude to us was
As if they were demi-gods
To us then, we never knew
They are men raised amongst men
To be the mediator between man
And the divine
Of course, they weren't of my color
Truly, we left all the deity
For this salvation - that is of apostolic
And vow that there our life stands
When the white father wish
To reduce our mission schools
To the low standard
We all want to denounce -
But it was of the bold mind
That insist we have believed
And worship to a point
Of no return
This bastion of faith of today
Was saved by twelve strokes of the cane
For laughing at the white father
Our fathers did insist
We should swot the ways
Of the white fathers
In the midst of smoky clouds
With the scent of burning incense
Comes the man in a white robe and biretta
So enshroud with the power of open sesame
Harketh, not your heart if you are chosen
Many are called, and few are chosen
O! He is raised amongst us
Bestow with the power to call down God
He is of the order of Melchizedek forever
Alter Christus

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