The Mystic Blowing In The Air - Part 1

Here is an article that cries out loudly with the hope of finding the answer to the nemesis in which the country finds itself. The country was known for its vast natural and human resources, but why do we still find it difficult to have a good life. The article is of two parts. Here is the first part.

Nigeria was full of milk and honey before her love and virtue were being substituted for lust and greed. Due to the greedy legacy of our so-called politicians, many of my countrymen have turned to blood-sucking parasites and, with their tabloid mouths swallowing up our gold. No wonder the old and new political thieves have lost control of how to manage the available resources.

Gone are those days when joys were pure and sin and shame unseen, when men owned the world, and all were equal; even the lowest life was noble. Unfortunately, just like a child at play, love grew pale, and equity passed like flames that flash and die — turning our world into a jungle of the beasts, where the giant animals rule the kingdom, and only the fittest survive. In this world, the weak become prey to be devoured, and the poor cook poverty in a pot of anguish and feast on a table of dejection. 

The impoverished became the victim and were made to die silently, even with volumes of words buried in their belly. Not that they can't speak, but who dare speak will make to speak no more. The poor are being made to suffer in grievous ways no tongue can tell and even taxed on everything except air and sun. 

Presently, horrible activities in the country are now becoming unbecoming, growing as fast as the grass on a riverside. The trading of votes and favors to get a law passed, Pork Barrel Spending, favors for pals, and contracts for relatives is not a sin but a norm. Even government positions that should be given fairly are used in backroom deals by the powerful.

Those who do not have connections to top officials or executives remain jobless, even if they're university graduates with top grades. Subsequently, this lack of opportunity makes them indulge in criminal acts, and their actions taint the whole nation badly.

Nigeria's problem is a hydra, you cut one head, and others emerge. These problems range from bandits to kidnapping to killings to herders-farmers conflicts, among many others. All of which stick with us like glue and have taken a permanent and larger space in the country, leaving the masses perplexed.

The majority now find it difficult to get a bite of bread not to talk of the national cake which all should be enjoying. The masses are left with stones in front of the bread, which we all fight for. While the wealthy ones sit firmly on what we all should be enjoying. 

Politicians and most wealthy Nigerians do little to use what they have to help the masses. Instead, they transfer their money to foreign banks rather than making it useful for the nation. Buying exotic cars and using the same money embezzled in the country to invest in other countries is what they see as the best. Forgetting that the money would have a long way to go if used to invest in the country. It will at least incorporate as many workers as it can and go a long way to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Security agencies that should be the ones curbing the spread of anomalies in society now happen to be the avenue where these crimes are being promoted. Instead of Nigerian police officers fighting against immorality to arrest the victims and bring them to face the law, they prefer to strike deals by collecting large bribes from them and allowing them to continue with their criminal activities.  

There are many maculate police officers in Nigeria. A close example is that of Abba Kyari, who chooses to sit on the consignment seized from some traffickers who came into the country from Ethiopia. Officers of the law who should take the battle to criminals are taking advantage of the lax moral, ethical, and legal climate prevalent in the country to execute inexpressible atrocities, readily conspiring with criminals to ravage the country’s moral fabric.

We learned from history that people surrendered their sovereignty to a few minorities to enjoy an environment of reliable order through which the existing conflict among men would be resolved, managed, regulated, arbitrated, and balanced. To wit, the agreement was based mainly on their own safety. Now, all that has become a thing of the past. What then are the functions and the duties of these few minorities we call the government. 

The government at all levels in most developed countries is said to always work hand in hand for the betterment of their countries as well as that of the general masses. But the reverse is the case when it comes to most African countries, which Nigeria can not be in any way exempted. 

Like the promise between the hen and the hawk, where the hawk had promised the hen never to hurt her or her offspring just to get her wings to experience how sweet it was to fly up above, but this eventually changed as soon as the hawk found it more interesting above than here on earth. In no time, all the promises were forgotten, and the chicks happened to be more delicious in her mouth than any other food ever. The promises by the so-called politicians to make life better for the masses are nothing but the promise between the hawk and the hen.

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