The Mystic Blowing In The Air Part - 2

The country which was once ranked the giant of Africa now finds it difficult to kill mosquitoes by herself without soliciting aid from outside her domain.

The politicians have squandered the resources which would have been used to make the country up there competing with the best. Unfortunately, few resources were being used to fight internal crises. Making borrowing money from all parts of the world is what we know how to do best. Corruption was highly extolled, and equity was on its way to the abattoir about to be slaughtered a few years back; I doubt if it will still be alive till now. The veins of liberty bleed, and immorality spreads like a plague. 

We are being ruled and led mostly by a bounce of illiterate and old fellas whose caps barely stayed on their heads; this greatly affected the country, as these illiterates were only interested in squandering our money and time. At the same time, there are an endless number of high-souled youths of this generation who are prepared to work for the uplift of this country without regard to any personal gain whatsoever. 

The 'that's what I do' attitude by the politicians and the rich people is now the order of the day, forgetting that every tide has its ebb and that power may look grand, but it's all vanity like a fistful of flower petals, blown away with the wind. 

The less privileged now barely have a sound sleep for their heads as their pillows bring no rest to their troubling head. The I-don't-care attitude has undoubtedly sent a lot of promising lives to their early graves while sinking a host of others inside untold hardships that have never been expected. 

Though our peace lies solely with us, hatred and discrimination, among other factors, make unity among us an unachievable dream and leave us to be suffering from unjust fate. Whereas all we need is for us to unite, join hands together, pray to the Lord to chase this evil out of our lands, and fill our cups with love.

For any genuine development to take place in the country, corruption must be shunned by the government, and any official found in it should face sanctions and should be banned from holding official posts. If sentencing corrupt politicians becomes legal, then others will learn, and with time, immorality in Nigeria can be made a thing of the past.

It is so sad to hear that the government, which is set up to build the country and fight any form of corruption, is now stealing from her own people. Abuse of power is observed in almost all the government arms of the federation. Government officials are too busy filling their pockets instead of governing effectively.

Leaving the youths jobless and wallowing in abject poverty. Poverty and joblessness happen to be the mother of all crimes. This is because many minds which are not busy with good things end up becoming threats to society. If enough jobs are created, people will be at peace, and there will be economic growth and social order in the country.

Nigeria is our country, and we can build it with combined efforts. All Nigerians should see one another as one and promote peace. Recruitment of workers should not be based on favoritism, but those with good skills and great enthusiasm to work should be employed. 

To cleanse the country of these indelible and acrimonious stains that gum us all like glue, the government and individuals should work hand in hand to reduce unemployment. Also, governments at all levels should have the needs of the masses at heart instead of selfish interests.

Furthermore, the rural areas where the government is often nonexistent need to be maintained by traditional rulers, village unions, and even development associations. They should formulate rules to stimulate peace and unity, health and security, as well as serve as an avenue where great-minded individuals will be bred and nurtured. 

Finally, instead of allowing persistent unemployment to continue, the government should heighten security in the country and employ youths as security agents. Wealthy Nigerians should invest their money in the local industry to encourage development. With this, more jobs will be created for the masses, and the crime rate, as well as that of unemployment, will be curtailed. If you're busy with your work and I am busy with mine, then enmity won't have a room in our lives.

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