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The Next Flat Neighbor.

In a bit to be happy, I opt-in for hiding until I met him...How on earth will this guy paint this house like this!! I asked no one in particular.

My sister, I think you should look at it from the positive side. The colors are bright and colorful. I love the paintings. Blessing, my one and only younger sister remarked. What? You like flashy things! Do you think that is all to life? Will you leave here and go and arrange the kitchen for me! I shouted. I am fed up with everything. I was jilted by my fiancee, who doesn't care about the IVs (Invitation cards) we have sent to people inviting them to our wedding. Sister Favour! I am done with the kitchen arrangements. Guess what, big sis! I have also arranged the bedroom. Blessing said, bringing me back to my current environment. Oh! You did all that just now? Thanks so much, dear. I manage to say.

You must be tired big sis; please go and relax while I prepare your favorite. Blessing replied. Thanks.******************** I heard my phone alarm and I couldn't but stand up to prepare for work as my boss won't take any more absence apology from me. Hi pretty! I turned around to see the one calling me that name so I could call him the name he deserves or all men deserve. Hey! I can't just do that because I have been trained not to pass my aggression on to anyone, and believe me; I have been trying so hard with that for the past few weeks. You must be the new neighbor that arrived yesterday. Yes, I am. My bad! I am Festus... Festus Aditya from Lome, Togo. Are you? I am Favour... Favour Mark from Anambra, Nigeria. Wow... That's the capital of Togo!. Yes! It is. You look beautiful, I must say. Thanks, Festus. I have to be on my way to the office now. See you later. Okay, bye! See you later, Favour.

What do guys think of themselves? You can just see a girl and tell her she is beautiful!! What is that!! What!!! Oh my God!! I am so sorry, sir! I wasn't shouting at you. I was only thinking out loud. I had to apologize to the man in the car beside me. Madam, please take it easy on yourself. God will give you a good man very soon. The man in the car encouraged me. Thanks, sir. I had to zoom off and keep my thoughts in order. Miss Favour, the boss will like to see you in his office now. Miss Judith told me on the office intercom. Okay! I will be right there. I waited to hear come in before I went into my boss's office. Good morning sir! Good morning Miss Favour; please sit. Mr. Wale said. Thanks, sir. You sent it to me.

Yes, I was the one that asked Judith, my secretary, to call you here. Favor, I understand the pain involved in cutting off your wedding, but you have to get over it. You have to regain your sanity. My boss was saying. Sir, I didn't call off the wedding! Ade, my fiancee, did. Do you mean your ex-fiancee? Mr. Wale looked at me smiling. Ex fiancee then! Good! See, I am not here to make jest of you but to tell you that God is still in the business of making people happy.

Look at me, I celebrated my tenth year wedding anniversary last month, and if you could still remember, I said I thank God Lola, my ex-fiancee, ran away on our wedding day though it was so painful after I have gotten over it, I found my wife and she has been supportive. See, God will provide yours for you if you are sincere, and in the end, you will be happy....or do you want to be happy now and become sad in years to come? No Sir! I want everlasting happiness. Then, move on with your life and wait on God. Dear, it might not be easy depending on your own waiting time, but I tell you that it will be worth it in the end. Hmmmmm... My pastor told me the same in church yesterday. You see! Favor.. did you remember when you came for an interview here and were asked to wait for the result for two weeks? Yes sir! I remember vividly. How did you feel, and how did you overcome it?

Sir, to be honest, I was just there hoping I would be employed, and sometimes, I have this feeling that I will not be employed. I had to write to other companies, and I was just doing my snacks-making small business. I also told my pastor, who engaged me in prayers, word, and spiritual activities until I got this job, and since then, I have been happy. Wow.. that is good. Go and apply the same thing while waiting for your husband. Follow your pastor's instructions according to the Holy Spirit in you, and go out for godly activities. See, your husband will not see you if you keep hiding in your bedroom...go out to godly places and overcome that spirit of it is not possible. My boss concluded. Thanks so much, sir. You don't know how much I needed to hear these words. You are a father figure in my life. God reward you. You are welcome. Favor, I expect a possible result very soon by God's Grace, sir. 

I left my boss's office very lifted and so happy after closing I had to buy snacks and wine for my little sis at home. Favor!! Don't tell me you are trailing me! Festus, the next flat neighbor, said. I just had to smile at my new friend. Why would you say that! It's a coincidence we had to arrive home at the same time. I replied, still smiling. I hear you! ( I have heard you). Please, do not see me as being forward...can I invite you over for dinner? At 7 PM? We still have one hour to go... I am a good cook; o please do not say no. Say yes to the Christain Togo guy! He is a Christian! least I can consider him...Okay!! 7 PM is okay for me. I replied. Thanks.. bye! My sister was having menstrual cramps and so couldn't cook; the snacks I bought did a big miracle as my sister devoured everything. I had to leave earlier after refreshing so she could sleep.

I knocked at the door and prayed at the same time that I didn't regret this. Hi! You came early. Festus said. Yes! I had to leave the house because of my sister. I replied, entering the beautiful apartment. What about her?Nothing much, just ladies thing you know!Hum hum... I understand. We both laugh. You have such a beautiful apartment; I love the design and artwork here. Thanks, Favour! Within a few minutes, the table was set, and I really enjoyed the meal, which was stepped down with my favorite wine, which I bought on my way back home. Hope you enjoyed the meal? How best can I describe this feeling? Like, I over enjoy it. I don't believe that a guy can cook like this!

What!! Guys cook a lot, even far better than ladies. Hmmmmm... I do not agree with that. Okay!! Hands up... I will not argue with you. Festus said, sitting down. Better! So Favour, can I know you better? Why not? You already know my name; I am staying in the next flat...we both laughed...Okay! I work at Olawale farms company... I have a little sister, oh! It's like I already told you. Nothing else again.Okay! But can you please tell me about your marital life? Here we go! Is this guy going to ask me out if he knows I am single or what? I am not ready for any relationship right now. God forgive me; I shouldn't think that way! What way? Festus looked at me strangely. I am sorry, I didn't know I said that out. You see, these days, I am used to saying things like that. 

Favor, you need to relax and tell me everything. Just trust me, all guys are not the same. I think I could trust this one, so I told him everything from being with a Christian brother for four good years only for him to come saying he couldn't go ahead with the wedding just because he felt he didn't love me again to when I saw his wedding invitation card a week later. Oh! That must be hard on you! But I tell you, just relax...everything will be fine, trust God. Thanks, Festus; I am getting better. So, now tell me about your marital life. Okay, I am married to a Nigerian lady, and we have a son, but she had to travel to Togo for an event. Did I just hear him say he is married? So, this guy thinks he can just toy with my heart, or he wants me to be his side chick? God forbid! I am a Christian; I will never settle for less, and I will never disappoint my God. So, my friend asked me to tell you that... he was saying but noticed I was out of the discussion.

Hi!! Hi!! I replied with a fake smile. So, like I was saying, my friend saw you yesterday and told me that he would like to be close to you. I told him to wait for me to at least meet you first and know the kind of person you are before getting close to you, and I must be sincere that you are well brought up. Festus commented. Thanks. I appreciate that...but I didn't see any friends here. He doesn't stay here; he stays at Ajah... He will be having his birthday this weekend. This is your own invitation card; you are invited. Please, come. Okay! I will think of it. Thanks. We discussed life generally, and a few minutes later, I had to leave so I could sleep to get up early tomorrow and also check on my sister.


Hope you didn't forget my friend's birthday? Festus asked over the phone. I didn't forget; I will come by God's Grace. I will appreciate it. Thanks so much. Expecting you. I went with my sister to avoid a story that touches the heart. I really enjoyed myself, and I met with vibrant Christian youth who are purpose-driven. My orientation about life changed that day, and I started pursuing purpose rather than marriage, but I remained friends with Festus and Juwon, Festus's friends.

Sis, when will you say yes to the poor brother? Blessing asked Who is poor o? I teased her. Brother Juwon, of course, but not that poor o... leave me, jare sis, you know the kind of poor I am talking about. I know, dear. I will give him a yes reply soon. You know I am still in the place of making after discovering my purpose at the program organized for his birthday, so I can't afford to rush into courtship without embarking first on my purpose.

Wow...that's impressive, sis; I am proud of you. Who knows, if I had discovered my purpose earlier, I wouldn't have said yes to Ade.. because looking at myself now... seriously, my sister, I can't say yes to that kind of a brother... I now understand what it means to wait; you will enjoy it at last. I am happy for you, sis. May God continue to help you. Amen, dear. A few months later, l got married to Juwon, and the next flat neighbor was the best man. We had the best honeymoon, and we still have our honeymoon even after two years of marriage. To the Glory of God, I help others discover purpose and lead them through to purpose fulfillment.

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