The Nice Doctor

This is a story about a lady who fell in love with a doctor stranger she met late at night...

  1. The Attraction.

He was very cute and handsome. Tall, dark-skinned, beard gang, lips like a rose, so tempting to kiss. Oh, his eyes were irresistibly charming, sparkling, and glowing brightly like a diamond.

This man had an aura of beauty and sexiness, one you can proudly say ''he's beautiful''. It was a very long day for me. Haven closed very late from work and couldn't find a taxi to take me home. I just had to walk myself back home; though it was tiring, I had to manage. Hey beautiful, why are you all alone this night? The voice sounded so sudden; I had a lot on my mind and didn't even notice when he drove close to me. I turned to look at who it was; the darkness couldn't let me see his face. He suddenly turned on the light in his car as if sensing my curiosity.

Then, I beheld the handsome young man in his doctor's attire. I guessed he was just coming back from the hospital, probably from the theatre, because I saw blood stains on his shirt. I am doctor Steve. Can I give you a lift? I stared at him for some minutes, wondering if I should go with him or not. I have always been skeptical about entering a stranger's vehicle, I was battling within myself whether I should or shouldn't, but the pain in my leg couldn't let me resist this wonderful offer. My shoes were already hurting, and I was still going to walk a very long distance before getting to my destination. ''It's okay if you aren't interested; I think I have to go now'', he said. 

His statement made me think he was a good man, for him not trying to persuade me took away the fear I had inside of me, and besides, he's a medical doctor; why on earth should I be scared? No! No!! Please wait, Sir; I will join you, I said. He just smiled and waited patiently for me to enter. On our way, no one said a word to the other. I'm someone who doesn't really talk much, and being with a stranger even made it worse. ''Have you eaten dinner? If no, then let's grab something at that eatery down the road''. Okay, that was all I could say.

On reaching the place, he asked me to order anything, which I did, the food was packaged in a takeaway plate, and we drove off almost immediately. ''Where do you live? It's almost 9 pm, you know you're a lady, you shouldn't be walking home alone at night, it's dangerous out there''. I'm stopping at the next junction; my house is just behind the Church building at the junction, I said. ''It's okay! Those were his last words. When we got to my destination, he gave me his phone without uttering a word. I understood him instantly and typed my digits; he just smiled, took his phone, and drove off. I didn't even get the chance to thank him. What a nice man! I wish he would call.

 2. The Anxiety And Desire

It was a bright Saturday; staying all alone in my apartment made me very bored. My roommate had gone to visit her sick mother; I just needed someone to talk to. Three days had gone without a call from him. I became very worried; I was so anxious to hear from him. What could have been the problem? Didn't he find me attractive? I stood in the mirror, checking myself out. Did he forget about me all of a sudden? Or probably he's too busy to remember; what is keeping him this long from reaching out? I asked no one in particular. Suddenly my phone rang, I checked, and it was an unknown number. This could be him, right? Of course, it has to be the nice doctor. I was too excited to pick up the call, but I had to compose myself a little bit. ''Calm down, baby girl, I said to myself.

''What if he's not the one? I shoved that thought away immediately because I needed no negative thought at the moment. Hello! I said as I picked up the call. Hey! It's me, doctor Steve; how have you been? Oh my goodness, it's him! I nearly screamed out loud to his hearing. Good day doctor, I'm doing alright and y..? ''Do you care for lunch? He asked, interrupting. I hesitated a little bit before giving him a positive response. ''Come to the place I dropped you off the other night; I'm waiting right here''. What? Did he just say he's waiting outside for me? This man is full of surprises; he's a perfect gentleman. I had to look for what to wear, of course, I must dress to impress him; I think I'm beginning to fall for him already.

I remembered one beautiful red gown I had bought newly. That gown fits me so perfectly; I think I'll go for it, I said. It took me extra 15 minutes to dress up; I had to hurriedly do my make-up in order to look more beautiful for my nice doctor. I was surprised to see him waiting patiently for me in his car; he smiled at me when he saw me approaching. Good day doctor, I greeted. ''Good day, my Princess,'' he responded. I couldn't contain my excitement at hearing him call me his Princess; I blushed uncontrollably, trying very hard to avoid his gaze. He drove off immediately after I entered the car.

 3. The Silent Admiration

On our way for lunch, he was silent all through. I just stared at him through the car side mirror. I loved looking at his lovely face; what a beauty to behold. It was a long drive. I thought he was going to take me to a restaurant close by, but we drove passed all the places I knew in town. Where are we going? I asked. He turned and looked at me with a very broad smile, ''don't worry, we will soon get there,'' he said and turned to focus on the road. He finally drove me into one luxurious restaurant; everything in there was classy. I felt so special that very moment. This is indeed my dream man; I wished to be more than just a friend to him. Ahhh! Who no like better thing?

He ordered what he wanted, and I did the same too. We both ate silently until we got satisfied, and he decided to drive me back home. I wanted him to ask me about myself, my occupation, discipline, my family, birthday, my likes and dislikes, best color, zodiac signs, etc. I wanted to know more about him, too, I had a lot of questions I would've loved to ask him, but I didn't know how to go about it. Of course, I didn't want to overstep my boundaries. As usual, he never spoke a word to me till we got to my destination. He handed me a sheet of paper as I tried to get down from the car. When I checked what was written on it, it was an address to a place I hadn't heard of in my three years living in that town. Before I could ask him anything, he had already left without saying goodbye.

 4. The Connection

I didn't want to bug him with my calls, so I just let him do the calling by himself. What was I going to talk about with him if I had called? We barely spoke to each other. Although I liked him, there was not much connection between us. I wished we could talk about things. Even as an introvert, once I get comfortable with someone, I express myself with full force. Anyone that comes around me always sticks because I'm very jovial, and I also have a great sense of humor. Two days passed without a call from him. The temptation to call him became intense because I was already missing him a lot. I later summoned the courage to call him, but his number didn't go through, and that made me worried.

Is he fine? I hope nothing happened to him? Did he turn off his phone? Is his battery dead? I hope he wasn't involved in an accident. What's going on? I asked no one in particular. I was busy pacing around the room when my roommate walked in. ''Kate, are you okay? She asked as she tapped me on my back. I'm fine, just worried about a friend of mine. I replied. My roommate was eager to know about the person that has got me so worried. I had no choice but to narrate the whole thing to her about how I met Steve, his kindness and gentility, and how cute and adorable he looked. She listened with keen interest and later urged me to be calm and just pray for him to be safe. Her words alone gave me hope, and I just prayed for my nice doctor.

The next day I was about to close work when I got a call from him. I was so happy to hear from him again. He asked me to come to the place he wrote down for me on a sheet of paper the other day. Oh no! It was at home, and I didn't have it offhand. I told him the situation, and he said it was okay, that he was going to text me the direction on the phone. A few minutes later, my phone beeped, and it was a message from him stating the address. ''Can I go with you? My roommate asked. Anita was my roommate and colleague as well. We've known each other for five years, lived together as youth copers, and got a job at the same company. She was a good friend and more like a sister to me. I contemplated on whether I should go with her or not; what if he gets angry? He may not want a third party. But she's my friend; I can't say no to her just like that.

It's okay; we can go together, I assured her. Do you know this address? I asked Anita. ''Let me see''. She collected my phone to look at the address doctor Steve sent. ''Yes, I do, I have been to this area once'', Anita affirmed, and that gave me relief. How would I have been able to locate this place without her? I was happy to have asked her to come with me. We boarded a taxi to the location. When we got there, I had to call him to let him know that I have arrived, as I didn't know the particular building he was in. As I was about to make the call, my friend got a call from someone who lived nearby; apparently, he saw us standing on the street. She told me to wait for her, let her greet the guy, and come join me. As soon as she left, the nice doctor showed up. This man looks cute every single day; I was just imagining silly things in my head and couldn't take my eyes off him.

He smiled at me and held me very close to himself. His body fragrance was so alluring; the air around him was full of freshness. I wished I could just eat him up there and then. ''I like you''. Wait a moment, did I hear him right? What did you say? I asked, pretending not to have heard him the first time. ''I said I like you, I really do''. Oh, this man is making me want to do something crazy right here. I felt like jumping on him, hugging and .. you know. But composure reminded me that I needed to hold it; I needed to breathe a little and let out the air before I disgrace my ancestors. ''You aren't saying anything, Princess''! He said and looked me directly in the face; I knew he wanted to hear me say that I liked him too. Of course, I didn't just like him; I loved him. How was I going to say that to him? It's crazy, right?

I know you do, was all that came out of my mouth. He got disappointed; I could see it on his face. He needed me to assure him that I liked him as much as he liked me. I couldn't; I really don't know why, or maybe I was too shy to say it. ''That is my house'', he pointed at one mansion across the road. You can visit whenever you like. It's beautiful, I said. We walk down the estate to get some food. On getting back, my friend was already standing on the road waiting for me. I introduced her to doctor Steve, and they both exchanged pleasantries.

5. The Mixed Feelings

This man is damn cute! Gush, I wish... Hey! Hold it there, girlfriend, stop wishing nothing about my man; I cut in suddenly to stop Anita from her daydreaming act. If anyone should wish anything from the ordinary with this man, that should be me. I don't involve girl friendship with my relationship; you get that, right? Of course, I don't share. Anita talked about Steve all night; I never saw anything wrong with it. It made me happy to see that my friend liked him, and she spoke about him in a positive way too. From that very day we visited Steve, he and I began to connect more than before. The calling became more frequent, and we talked about virtually everything.

Two months down the line, he requested to meet my family. My friend Anita wasn't really convinced about him yet; she felt it was too sudden to take him home since we were just getting to know each other. Who cares? It's my relationship, not hers. Steve finally met my family. He later asked me to come over to his place the following week in order to introduce me to his parents. I wasn't so sure about the whole thing; meeting his family made me very anxious. Will they like me? What if they don't find me worthy of being in their son's life? I looked myself up in the mirror as I got prepared to go meet his family. This dress doesn't fit me well, I said to myself. I had to remove it and went back to the wardrobe in search of another dress; I turned the wardrobe upside-down, changing different outfits until I was able to settle for the one I felt comfortable on.

Will you go with me? I asked Anita. ''Why should I? Or do you want his parents to choose me instead? She asked, keeping a mean face. She looked like one who was unhappy. I asked her many times why she was looking sad; she just faked a smile and told me to go and stop keeping Steve waiting on the road. As usual, he was patiently waiting for me at the junction. He welcomed me with a lovely smile and pegged me on the cheek before driving off. On getting to the house, his mum and dad were already waiting for my arrival. I became a little bit scared; I just hoped they were going to like me.

After exchanging pleasantries with his parents, his dad looked me directly in the face. This look made me anxious and curious at the same time. I pretended as if I was pressing my phone just to avoid his gaze. ''She's beautiful; I think I like her. I heard his dad confess. Me too; his mum followed suit. You know that moment you just get a compliment from your long-time crush, that feeling, right? That's how I felt that very moment. My head got swollen invisibly, and I found myself just blushing uncontrollably. That visit made me realize where he got his good qualities from. He had a wonderful family. His mum and dad were the best couples I've ever met. I admired their love and the way they related to each other; they were best of friends.

His mum is very beautiful and elegant. She spoke eloquently, and her choice of words was second to known. I fell in love with this woman instantly; I wanted to be around her all the time because she inspired me in many ways. Anita was going with the flow, she never spoke much about Steve like before, and everything was going pretty well between us. After a month of the visit to his family, the wedding date was fixed, and we began to plan for the big day. I just wanted a simple wedding, just family and friends. But he wanted more than just anything simple. He said he wanted the whole world to know about his Queen, the woman after his heart. That made me happy, though, you know, right? ''Why do you want to get married and leave me all alone? This is not fair, Kate! You're just going to abandon me because of that guy you just met yesterday? Why Kate, why''?

 6. The Wedding

Anita, I love you so much, and you know that I care about you. Getting married is not going to change anything; I'll always be your bestie. You and I have come a long way, and I truly understand how you feel, but there's no way I'm going to give up Steve for you. Just calm down; very soon, God will bless you with a wonderful man; by then, you won't even have my time anymore. She just stared at me without saying a word. I knew she was going to miss me but asking me not to get married was really unfair. As my maid of honor, I wanted her to be cheerful on my big day. In order to make her happy, I decided to take her shopping. At the spar, we badged into Steve and two of his friends that just come down from the UK. Before he could do any introduction, one of them muttered something to his eye; suddenly, his facial expression changed from cheerful to anger. ''That's my woman; take your eyes off her, man''! Steve shouted to the hearing of everyone around. I really don't know what his friend told him, but that actually got him so infuriated.

His two friends looked at him and turned to face me. We greeted and had a brief chat before they left. The wedding went successfully; everything was done smoothly to the glory of God. My husband Steve and I had to head home for the marriage proper; you know, right? We all know the stress that comes with weddings; we both were exhausted and needed to rest before any smooching and smashing. I thought maybe he would want to hold and cuddle as soon as possible, considering the fact that he's never touched me before. But no, my wonderful husband didn't bother at all; he only gave me a quick kiss and asked me to rest.

I woke up hours later with one of his legs on my body; he was deeply asleep. His face shone like the morning star, skin as fresh as that of a newborn. Those red lips of his were so tempting and inviting at the same time. I wanted to devour this man sleeping next to me, and at the same time, I didn't want to disturb his sleep. I just sat on the bed, staring at his face and his macho body like a lost sheep. The next morning, I woke up with someone crawling all over my body, planting kisses on every part. It's like uncle wants to do...

7. The Shocking News

Who wouldn't want to marry a wonderful husband like mine? Everything about him was great. You know that ticklish feeling that brews in your midriff when you're excited or nervous, right? That's exactly how I felt every time I woke up beside him. Mehn, this man is damn cute; I loved being wrapped around his sexy arms. My love for him grew more and more each passing day. As someone who loves good food, I made sure that I especially took care of my husband's meals. ''The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, you know, right? If you be a woman and you no sabi cook, go and learn. Steve loved eating my food, and that made me happy.

It was two months into our marriage; things were going very smoothly. Anita was planning her wedding with Steve's friend, one of the guys we met at the spar that came back from the UK. I was happy that my friend was about to get married; she was finally going to free me from her nagging and troubles. Her fiance took her to Dubai to shop for their wedding; she didn't allow me to hear a word on social media, always busy posting pictures and videos all over Facebook and Instagram. One hot afternoon, I got back from the market and suddenly started feeling dizzy. My bones got weak, and I felt nauseous at the same time. My husband wasn't around, and they were nobody in the house with me. What could this be? I was still learning how to drive, and there was a car in the house. But even if I knew how to drive properly, there was no way I would drive in such a condition.

Who do I call? I didn't want to disturb my husband because that would make him worried. Anita had traveled to Dubai with her fiance; my mother-in-law and daddy were not in town, and even my family members weren't close enough. I was feeling restless and needed help urgently. Suddenly I heard footsteps; it seemed I had forgotten to lock the gate. Thank God someone was there to help; I felt relieved and waited for the person to come inside the house. She was beautiful, beyond compare, fair in complexion, average in height, bulky eyes, round chubby face with her long hair neatly packed behind. She came in with a pretty little girl that looked exactly like her; she was very charming and was like about six years of age. Steve had told me about his sister that lived in the states with her family, but he never showed me a picture of her. I assumed that this lady standing before me was his younger sister.

You must be Stev....... Save it, young lady; she cut in before I could finish my statement. ''You're the wife I've heard of, right''? Yes, I'm Steve's wife, I replied. Please, I need your help; I'm in pain and need to go to the hospital, but there's no one at home to take me there, and I can't drive like this. I know I'm not supposed to be telling you this, considering the fact that you're just coming in; I'm sorry, please try to understand. I pleaded. ''It's okay, darling; I will help you on one condition'', she said. I wasn't sure what the condition would be, but I didn't care, provided I was going to get the help I needed at the moment. ''On the condition that you will leave Steve, my husband, alone, you will stay clear and go far away from my husband because I have come back with his daughter to take care of him''. She stated.

 8. The Restoration

This is not true, right? My husband can't possibly be married to another woman. The information I got didn't break me; rather, it energized me. I really don't know how but I felt very strong at that point; it was as if the whole thing took away the sickness I was feeling at that moment. My body instantly became normal, without pain, nausea, or weakness. The lady was walking around the sitting room, checking our wedding pictures on the wall, while her daughter sat down on the couch in the opposite direction. ''Wow! I never knew Steve could get to this level one day; he's really doing good''. She muttered.

Should I call my husband? What am I going to tell him? What if he's at the theater? He needs all the concentration he can get; I'm very sure this kind of information will destabilize him. Should I ask this woman out of my house? No, that won't be right. My mind was flipping to and fro; I didn't know what to do or say. Could this be a prank? What if this woman is actually his sister and wants to know how I'd react in this kind of situation? What is this? My head was beginning to ache because of overthinking; I just had to be calm and wait for my husband to come back from work.

She finally sat down without uttering a word to me. I waited like forever for my husband to get back. Finally, I heard him hon from the gate; before I could get up to go open the gate, the lady had already rushed out with excitement towards the gate. I had to sit still and wait for the drama to unfold. Steve came in with an angry-looking face and gave me a sign to follow him upstairs. When I tried to stand up, the lady pushed me to prevent me from going with Steve. I fell and hit my head on the stool beside the couch; blood started gushing out, which provoked my husband. ''What do you want, Angela? Do you want to kill my wife? Steve yelled at her. He's a type that doesn't talk much, especially when he's angry. All he did was ask the woman out of the house with her child, and although she proved very difficult, they left in the end.

Steve rushed me to the hospital to have me treated. I couldn't ask him anything at that moment because we were both not in a good state to talk about anything. I only told him how I felt during the day when I got back from the market, and he asked the doctors to run different tests on me. ''Doctor Steve, Congratulations''! I heard the lab scientist telling my husband. I thought maybe he's won a contract; little did I know that I was pregnant. ''Your wife is five weeks pregnant'' he said. My husband was extremely happy; I hadn't seen him this excited before. There in that hospital bed, I didn't know what to think. He was happy that I was pregnant for him, but another woman came with a grown-up child claiming to be his wife. He didn't deny not knowing this woman; what's going on, who did I marry?

We left the hospital after my treatment and got back home. Steve was restless, pacing around the whole house like a confused being. I, on the other hand, refused to ask him anything, I pretended not to care, and that got him more worried.''Babe, I'm sorry, my Angel, com'on, look at me. He held my jaw and tried to make me look at his face. I pushed his hand away, my eyes already filled with tears. I tried to hold myself, but I couldn't; it hurt so badly to know that it was actually true. Why Steve, why? You didn't tell me anything about this woman; you never told me you were once married. How could you?

''Married? I have never been married, never''. ''Babe, I don't know what she may have told you, but I have never been married to any woman except you. ''I'm sincerely sorry for not telling you about her; she was my girlfriend back in school. Do you mean she's not your wife? I asked. ''No love, she's not. And what about the child, she's your daughter, right?. This time, Steve looked at me; he sat down beside me and held me in his arms. ''If I had a child with any woman, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you about it. ''Angela and I dated for five years; I loved her so much. She was the first woman I ever gave my heart to. The relationship was awesome, but along the line, she wanted more; I actually don't blame her much because she comes from a wealthy family. I was still managing myself at that time and couldn't do much for her, so she started flirting with other men and later got pregnant''.

''She said the child was mine, and I didn't deny her. We planned to get married, but the Church asked us to wait till she gave birth, to which I waited. Angela was against it and wanted me to come for the traditional rights; I didn't decline; I was not just financially buoyant enough to meet the requirements on the list. ''However, the day she gave birth, I got an idea to run a DNA test, and it turned out that the child isn't mine''; that's the reason why I didn't go ahead with the marriage. ''I'm sorry, my love, please forgive me for keeping this away from you''. Steve's explanation got me a little bit relieved, but I was still not okay. Not that I didn't believe my husband, but it's not that simple to get over such a thing. I was hurt, but I had to let it go, provided the woman didn't show her face again. My husband and I finally made each other a promise, ''there will be no secret between us ever again''. Our relationship grew stronger, and finally, I gave birth to twins, a boy, and a girl. That settled the matter, no more kids, na to just enjoy my marriage and bring up our twin babies in the way of the Lord.

The Lesson

Don't ever believe an outsider over your partner. No matter what you hear from the outside, try finding out the truth from him/her first before you judge. You just might be getting the wrong information. Marriage is a wonderful thing. You can make it work with love, trust, understanding, proper communication, perseverance, patience, faith, and forgiveness. We can do better; let love lead.


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