The Old Man Vs The Old Man

Things that happen on the account of man's life that often resurface in the future

A bright moonlight
Lit enough to cover the night
Calls forth the birth of a child
Amidst the domestic and wild

Crawling, now walking
Muttering sounds, now talking
Growth is occurring
And it keeps recurring

Now of age
Breaks out of the cage
Turns to an entity of rage Portraying a bad image

Hmmm! Tired of a bad life
Disposes the gun and knife
Settles down to get a wife
Happy to start a new life

knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
The ‘old man’ comes for the ‘new man’
The bad YOUNG BOY is now a good OLD MAN
So this is a battle between the old man and the OLD MAN
Who wins?

(Dave De Don's Production)
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