The Other Side Of Mood Swings

This article simply talks about the Mood Swing phenomenon and how to handle it to avoid relational issues.

The Mood Swing phenomenon is often described as a "roller coaster" of feelings from happiness and contentment to anger, irritability, and even depression (rapidly and intensely fluctuating emotions). When you experience mood swings, you may feel very happy one moment for no reason and very sad the next without knowing why. At times, these swings in mood are caused by stress and annoyance from people around you.

But here's my point: I understand how pained you are, how hard you're pushed to the wall... but the other person walking down the road may not know what's up with you. For some persons, mood swings are natural. It happens to them just like that. They're high one moment and low the next. They chatted so heartily and laughed with you before going to bed and waking up in the morning without responding to your greetings, and then you're forced to wonder what you did to get them angry. My dear, you're not the cause. It is hormonal imbalances happening within them.

Even if you're angry because of what someone did to you, why transfer aggression to someone else who knows little or nothing about what you're passing through? Some mothers pour their anger and frustrations on their kids because their husbands provoked them. A lot of people do that. Punishing innocent people because someone else provoked them. It is wrong. Why refuse to respond to someone's greetings because you're angry? That's immaturity.

A friend of mine used to come to my room at the school. One day, she told me she won't greet my roommates anymore because her greetings were always ignored. I tried talking to her, but her mind was made up. Then one morning, she entered my room and refused to greet me. My roommate asked me why and I told her. Ridiculously, she retorted, 'eh hen; maybe I was hungry when she greeted me. Can you imagine?

See, you may have a charming personality, but you leave people with a wrong impression based on the picture of you they first see. When someone stops you in your tracks to ask for direction, if you can, attend to them. If you can't, turn them down respectfully. For as long as you remain alive, you must keep relating with people; hence, you must learn to regulate your emotions. If someone provokes you, tell them and move on whether they accept it or not. Don't punish yourself! Make conscious efforts to manage your emotional culture. Cheers🥂 to your mental health

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