The Path I Chose

We all have a destiny and dream to fulfill and it depends on the path you choose to take in life I guess my own destiny is tied to writing. we're walking our path now and that's what makes us who we are.

"It's a journey to remember and the memories we make along the way'. ― jody McCall I know how many people have told me this before… I mean, look at my own life! I don't really feel like writing about this, but there is a reason why I started doing this, so here goes: My parents wanted me to go to college; they were supportive of me no matter what I decided to do with my life and even though they didn't always understand my interests they supported me nonetheless; they believed in me and loved me unconditionally because they knew I was capable of achieving anything I set out to do. I know how hard this must've been for them, especially when I announced that I was going to apply for university here in this small town and start a new career at a young age.

They were proud of me and were always ready to support whatever decision I made and to be there if something ever happened in the future to change what I wanted to pursue and what I had planned to achieve during my school years. But that wasn't the only thing they asked of me. I could still see it in their eyes whenever they would tell me that they wished I would focus on my dreams rather than focusing solely on my studies; that sometimes I should consider other things besides school, which is why I became a fictional writer after graduating highschool. They didn't support my idea of being a writer and wanted me to do something that pays in bulk, but what if I wasn't after money but rather true happiness and fulfillment? Maybe then I would finally realize that my heart wants and needs the best for me instead of just the things I want from others? That's where writing came in. I started writing as soon as I was old enough to actually think about it, and I haven't stopped since.

Although I can't say that I love writing as much as I did before or that I will ever stop, that doesn't matter; the experience does. I am a writer, a writer for a living, and nothing is more satisfying than writing words that describe your feelings and desires in vivid detail. I don't know if I'll ever find someone who shares the same passion as myself as I do, but for now, I'm content with what I can get out of this profession. I know that writing is one of the most important things in my life, but for me right now, it has become more than that; it means everything, and every day brings me more joy and comfort than the last.

This book isn't written just because I want to write or for anyone else, but it's also mine. I don't know the path you have chosen for your own self, but I tell you one thing, "whatever you do with yourself today will be the outcome of your tomorrow, so choose your pathway wisely." Hope you enjoy it and let me know if it made you smile or cry because I truly do love writing, and I wouldn't hesitate to share it with you in hopes of seeing another kind of expression on your face that you won't be able to convey in any other way. Thank you for reading!!

~Amania writes

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