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Have you ever thought of Different Combination of fascinating factors that will make an Idle city and how the Lifestyle of it's Inhabitants will be Like? Read through this astonishing piece of write up

Honestly, I will take you down a thread of exposition and narration as we explore the capital city of Rivers State and its environs while at the same study the very interesting lifestyle of the inhabitants. Port Harcourt, said to be the third major city in Nigeria, just after Lagos and Abuja, is an oil region in the south-south geopolitical zone. Of course, if you don't know it for anything else, know that it is certainly the settling base for many multinational oil companies.

Following the establishment of the Niger Delta Development Commission under the supervision of its ministry, the city has witnessed tremendous development in the past few years. This development has also translated into the populace's social and economic life. Microeconomics has also been adversely affected by this.

With a mix of rascality, high cost of living, and an expensive lifestyle, the city of Porthachourt is quite an interesting place to live in. In fact, I will be right to say that it has the proper combination of the radicality of Lagos and the scenery of Abuja! This write-up focuses on the lifestyle of different categories of people based on the economic and social environment of the state.

Firstly, the dominance of many oil firms has massively created jobs and sources of livelihood, most especially in the petroleum industry, which has been very lucrative. People in the oil and gas sector are really making it big with the massive allocation of the federal government. By implication, the city has a lot of well-to-do people.

Also, entertainment and nightlife are second to none! You can't stay in Rivers state as a whole and lack a social life. The young population is not relenting in having fun, From 5-star hotels to classy nightclubs, exclusive gardens, and joints. How about the girls? They call themselves the big ladies, mostly found in the University of Port Harcourt and other institutions. We know what to expect from such ladies.

On the other hand, the Niger delta insurgency created a big problem for the region in the aspect of insecurity. Although the amnesty program tackled it, traces of kidnapping, "gangsterism," stealing, pickpocketing, cultism, and so on are still very noticeable. Hmm, there are some places that are 'no-go areas,' be warned! In fact, they are environments that you shouldn't go to without knowing much about such places. It is even advisable to learn a few communication strategies because 'Rugedity is their Identity.' Also noteworthy is One of the things the southern city is known for, which is being very expensive.

This is where the big boys and girls syndrome comes into place. Prepare yourself for Porthachourt with the mindset that people could sometimes be exploited. What else can you expect when there is oil money all around, and people are spending it without minding the cost? Many of the indigenous are enjoying free money as a result of the various NDDC grants, schemes, and empowerment, all provided by the Federal government as part of their benefit for possessing oil which is the main source of the nation's wealth. Therefore, the cost of living is relatively high even though the fun life is there.

The weekend is always booming, with young boys and girls partying around and flashy cars busy on major roads. Many have used the opportunity to turn into different ventures, both the ones involved in fraud, commercial sex workers, and many more. Just this final tip: go to random boutiques, stores, shops, and price items. This will be an eye-opener for you. Beloved, welcome to Port-Harcourt city, the Rivers state capital!

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