The Power Of A Script Writer

Just as other people in their respective callings have power. Creative Writers too have power in their own special way. This piece unveils some aspects that script writers develop power.

Before we move, let's know who a scriptwriter is. Who Is a Script Writer? A script writer can be referred to as a story writer. Simple. Connotatively, a scriptwriter, is someone who imaginarily thinks, fabricates, or creates a real-life experience or an imaginary event(s), object(s), character (s), and location(s) in which an incident happened through the action of the characters, thereby infusing imaginary events that look real to a reader.

A script writer is a world inventor and a mind driver. Yes, it is a mind driver because they can take your conscious mind far to an imaginary world that they have created in their mind through the fabricated incidents, characters, objects, and locations formed. Have you once been reading a novel or a script to say and feel as if you are entirely in another universe? Sometimes you laugh at certain incidents, and you cry or feel amazed by the picturization of some locations. Can you imagine that? Actually, the writer has successfully driven your conscious mind to a new world that you can only imagine. A script writer means a lot. Different people can define scriptwriters in different ways depending on who they see them as or what they take them to be.

The Power of a Script Writer:

So many people have written scripts, plays, or novels. These three means the same thing, just that they belong to different genres of literature. So also, many people have read these artworks and have, in one way or the other, been driven or moved consciously or unconsciously by the contents of the script. Some of the power that a scriptwriter has are: 

>>The power to control the media.

>>The power to change the reader's mindset towards certain issues.

>>The Power to Encourage.

>>The power to solve problems

>>The power to create a new world.

The Power to Control the Media:

Almost every movie we watch is the product of what had been written. That's the script. Only a few are improvised works, that is if there is even any improvised story that is acted and produced as a standard movie. So, if certain movies can gain millions and billions of views on television channels and the internet, such as YouTube and Netflix, and they are successfully affecting the viewers either positively or negatively, THEN the script is already in control of the media. A movie takes over the media, and the movie is played according to the script's rules. Both the movie and the media is UNDER the script's control. As simple as that.

The Power to Change Reader's mindset Towards Certain Issues:

Let's say; for instance, a reader might have a negative notion about certain countries' or some people's cultures. A script writer can write a story about those countries or those people's cultures that if the reader reads, the reader would have a total opposite of what he or she had been having in mind about them. Now, the reader's mindset would be changed, if not completely but bisection. A change is there.

The Power to Encourage:

Most readers had been cheered up or emboldened in one way or the other, considering the issues of life they confounded in. Like issues of marriage, relationship, career, and others. Most scripts really address such issues of life, and the readers got encouraged.

The Power to Solve Problems:

Actually, scriptwriters are like spirit people. If you understand them well, what they often write comes from their Muse. Oh, someone might be asking what Muse is; Muse is the person or spirit that gives them inspiration and ideas to write. Every writer has a Muse. So, scriptwriters don't just wake up one day and start writing a script like that. They make sure they look for a problem in their society, take it upon themselves, and begin to scout for suggestive ways to unravel the problems, and of course, through dramatic means, which falls back to scripting. Do you see it? Sometimes I see scriptwriters as a mediator between society and problems.

The Power to Create a New World:

Of course, scriptwriters have the will to create a new world that only the conscious mind can travel to. Just as explained in the definition of who a script writer is, a scriptwriter has a powerful will that can shift a reader's mind to a totally new world that he or she can imagine. Imagine as a Nigerian; you are reading a story of a life based in London, India, America, or Europe. Definitely, your thought, sense, reason, and intellectual faculty will all travel to the world of the script until you are done reading the script; then, they will travel back to your conscious mind, and you will desire what you wish you were really there. That is the power of a scriptwriter.

These and many more are the power of a scriptwriter. Not just scriptwriters, these are extended to writers from different categories of writings. If you're a writer, know that you possess power. So, use your ink well. I hope this piece has blessed someone. Thanks for reading.

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