The Power Of Communication

Communication brings understanding, clarification, and peace. Life is tough already don't make it complicated. Don't jump to conclusions, hear them out...

Hi, my name is Sandra. I'm who they call the one who wears her heart on the sleeve; I can notice the slightest change of action. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a friend who I hadn't seen for a while, and I have been angry. I thought she was all grown up enough to get into a circle of new friends, which made her forget me. I got pissed at her for not being able to reach what I had expected of her as a friend. What do best friends do? They help each other grow.

They listen to each other's nonsense. They drag themselves together into greatness. I got really angry all by myself, keeping that from her, thinking I was the only one keeping the friendship. We later got to have a little deep conversation which headed somewhere; then I realized I was acting all delusional.

During the conversation, I got to know she was facing a whole lot that I felt really sorry for not understanding, and she really wanted to talk to me as I'm the only friend she can speak to about it, but I was busy acting up because I accused her of not always checking up on me. I got to realize that we humans jump to conclusions as we can't at opportunities. She actually thought I'd got new friends with that we share the knot. I was short of words because I thought that was with her too. That's the power of communication.

Life is tough already, don't keep acting delusional. People come, and people go, bear that in mind so you won't be pathetic when people leave, but there is always that one person who has certainly come to stay. Humans are meant to offend each other even with the other side not knowing. Love strengthens us. The knot of friendship ties us together, but the grease of forgiveness makes it stand forever; that's the spirit of forgiveness.

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