The Power Of The Tongue

The tongue, as little as it is, does wonderful things in the life of a person, either good or bad. What should we allow our mouths ( tongues) to bring out?

Proverbs 18 vs 20- 21; James 3 vs 4-5 ( both amplified versions).

Our tongue, which is so small, and unnoticed, is a wonderful tool the Almighty God has placed in us. With it, we can either make or mar our lives. This is so true. Look at the key scripture for this article, Proverbs 18 vs. 20, "a man's (moral) self shall be filled with the fruits of his mouth, and with the consequences of his words he MUST be satisfied (whether good or evil)." What is this verse saying? It means a man's life shall be filled with the fruits ( his constant statements) of his mouth, and the result of these words (consequences) will be what he MUST receive. Take note of the emphasis in the MUST. It means such one will surely receive of that which he says, whether it be good or bad.

Let's see the next verse in the same scripture (21), "death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it ( for death or life). Again, what is this verse saying? It's saying negative occurrence (death) and positive occurrence (life) are the powers which your speeches (tongue) have to give to you, and those who continue (indulge)in it will eventually see the outcome of it ( shall eat the fruit of it). It can be in the negative (death) or in the positive ( life), all depending on what such one had been saying. For example, if you constantly say my pockets and hands are always filled with money belonging to me, I respective of the lack of cash. It will come to a time when your hands and pockets will truly never lack cash that belongs to you. My friend, this thing works. You wouldn't see it immediately, but as you keep on saying it and believing in your words, it will eventually be visible.

The heartfelt spoken words which we say go into the spiritual where our lives are being molded and partake in the building of our physical lives. Be careful of what you constantly say. Let's see the next scripture for more understanding. James 3 vs. 4, "likewise look at the SHIPS though they are so great, and are DRIVEN BY ROUGH WINDS, they are STEERED by a VERY SMALL RUDDER WHEREVER the IMPULSE of the HELMSMAN DETERMINES. Let's take note of the bolded words. The ship can be likened to your own life. The rough winds can be likened to negative situations your life is facing; they keep tossing you up and down, making it difficult for you to get to your desired destination. The small rudder in the scripture can be likened to your tongue. Finally, the helmsman is likened to you.

Just as the rudder is used to steer the ship to the desired direction of the helmsman, so you use your tongue to steer your life to the desired direction and destination you want. No matter the storms your life is facing now, it will surely move to where you say it should go. My friend, this thing works. I'm a testimony to this. When I received this truth, I used it to transform my life from where it was as a school dropout to where I am now. Though I'm still "climbing," I've come to see all and will still see all things I've said, and will say, believe me. Watch the words that come out of your mouth. Let them always be positive speeches; this is because they will surely come to pass in later days. However, it's only true children of God that can understand this. If you are yet to surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, please do, and look for a Bible-believing church to attend. You can equally send me a message.

Remain blessed.

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