The Pre Birthday Saga

It is a story of a day to my birthday...This story begins on a normal Wednesday morning, 17TH August 2022; the clouds were covering the sky, but it was still bright, and there was no sign of rain, just like a normal day in august in Lagos; I was up by around 6:20 am, and then the obvious dawned on me that waking up this time only meant I was going to get to work by after 8:00 am which is considered as late, ( I know that many Lagosian can relate to the early morning 2hrs or more traffic on Lagos roads).

I just rushed straight to my bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bathe of course, and I had estimated to spend 20 minutes ( I usually take longer just that it wasn’t the time for long baths, my clean punctuality record was on the line here), and surprisingly I spent just 15 minutes which is a personal record time for me. By 6:52 sharp, I was ready to go to work because I usually sort everything about my dressing the day before, then I settled to rush my breakfast and leave the house; it is usually at this time I sign in to work on my company’s official app, it is a tradition for every staff to log in into their app before they start the work for the day. But as I clicked on mine, instead of the usual welcome message I usually get, I discovered that mine wasn’t loading; I first thought it was my phone network, then I immediately asked my brother to share my hotspot so that I could try it with his service, he was first reluctant to give me cause I am always love to drain his data, let’s just say I just love pissing him off, but after a few minutes of begging and hailing his big head ( he likes to the appraised a lot), he shared me his hotspot, but still the app was still not loading, then it dawned on me that something must be wrong with my app, so I immediately went to the company WhatsApp group to lodge a complaint about my app, cause I have seen people do it before.

As I clicked on the group, I saw messages of my colleagues posting that they had successfully logged into their app, but a particular message was different; it was pinned as important then. I went ahead to read that first, then I saw the shock of my life, some staff have been eliminated (sacked), the list had about 20 names and I started checking from the first to see the name of the staff that had lost the job, I kinda fell bad for people that lose cause it is like a setback for them. But number 18 seems to interest me cause I was seeing my name (like my full name, even with my middle name included), then hot sweats began to break out on my face even though the fan was in the highest, as I was very shocked as to find out that I have just been sacked from a job that I started in less than a week ago.

I immediately called the leader in charge of my team to inform him of what just seen in the WhatsApp group, but on the first attempt, his phone was not ringing; I first shocked as he is the kind of person that is always with his phone and picks calls before the second ring, I tried again, and it looks like this too was going to missed call then he picked and asked me why I haven’t resumed for the day, it was then I realized that it was already few minutes to 8:00 am, and I told him of what I saw in the group then he told me he was going to check it and do something about it and immediately I felt relief in my spirit cause I have barely touched my breakfast. Then to my greatest surprise, when I logged into WhatsApp, I discovered that I had been removed from all the company’s groups that I was added to when I just got newly employed, and to add salt to injury, I found out that it was my team leader that even removed me from the groups, I immediately tried to call but this he was even hanging up the call, it wasn’t about the sixth attempt that he picked, and he told me is sorry about it and that he is surprised, but there is nothing he can do as the names have been sent to the administrative staffs who effected the sack.

As he said these words, I came to the realization that it was a day before my birthday which is on the 18th now; when you give a person news of his sacking from a job he started less than a week ago is one the worst news a person can hear, the reality of the fact that I was jobless in this harsh economy dawned and it came with a very bad feeling that I could almost taste in my mouth, at this point of my which is a day to my birthday, I learned the harsh reality that you can be retrenched at any time without the bosses caring about what that would do to your mental health as a person. I just sat down on the chair for more than 30 minutes then my mother came to give me a pep talk ( for the record, my mum is not a good pep talker); after the pep talk from my mom, which lasted less than 10 minutes ( I told you she wasn’t a good pep talker), I saw that a close friend of mine was calling me, but at that particular point in time, he is the last person because when I tell him, I just know he will turn it to a joke and laugh at me, but still I picked then he first wished me a happy pre-birthday ( I don’t know if there is anything like happy pre-birthday, but I always trust Obinna with coming up with things).

Then he asked how work was going on that day, then I told him about what had happened, he first laughed cause he thought I was joking but when I assured him that I was very serious, the next words that he said really cheered cause for the first time in my life since I know Obinna, he never gives pep talks, but on this day he really tried his best to cheer, but my mood just refused to improve, we talked for about 30 minutes before I hanged up the phone and went straight to sleep and hope that I would wake up and feel better. I still feel bad now, so I just wanted to receive advice from experienced people in this social media space; I am open to any advice and suggestions.  

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