The Pregnant Bride

The story is about a bride who got molested a month before her wedding...

She walked into the hospital for her regular checkups. After the usual registration, she was directed to the doctor's office. Good day doctor, she greeted as she walked into the office. Good day, ma'am, please sit, he said without looking up to see who it was. A few minutes later, he put the files he was handling aside and decided to attend to his patient. ''Oh, it's you, beautiful lady! He looked at her with an unquenchable smile on his face. ''You know, the last time I saw you was last month, I guess doctor Steve attended to you that very day''. ''Yes Sir, she responded. ''So, how are you doing and what are you here for today? ''I came for my checkups as usual''. She replied.

''Oh, I see. Ladies like you are rare. I love the fact that you chose to be fit and healthy. You know it's good to always have yourself medically checked to dictate any form of sickness on time''. She just looked at the doctor and blushed. ''Well, there you go!''. He pointed at the bed in his office. She understood immediately and lay down without question. ''Where is your registration slip? Let's see what we are going for. '' ''There it is on your desk''. She pointed in the direction. ''I think we would first go for the scan check, right? Looked up directly at her. Okay, if you say so, she replied. ''Any complaints, is there anything you are concerned about? He asked. '' ''Nothing, just that I feel a slight pain in my left breast''. ''Oh, then we would have to check that to make sure it's not cancer. ''Do you know how to self-examine yourself on that? He asked. ''No I don't, she replied.

''Okay! I guess I have to do it for today so that next time you would be able to handle it all by yourself. Okay, she said. ''May I see it, he pointed to her chest. ''See what Sir? ''Where you're feeling the pain ma'am, are you shy? Look, I'm a professional okay! You need to trust me on this, be calm, and let me see, it's for your own good young lady. She shyly nodded. ''Oh wow! He silently exclaimed on seeing her chest in its full glory. He fixated his eyes on it and got lost immediately. Yeah, she was fully endowed right there, this lady is perfect, I wish I can make her mine. He muttered.

''Doctor, what's wrong, I hope it's not cancer? she asked innocently. Doctor, Hello Sir? She tapped him on the hand. There, he realized he was lost in thought. Yes, yes, he said. Yes? Do you mean I have breast cancer? She asked. ''No, I never said that, just be calm, let me have it checked first okay! Her face changed, and she suddenly looked worried. ''Doctor please, I don't want cancer, how can I have cancer, no, this is not happening''. She panicked. ''I just told you to calm down right? I'm your doctor, it just might not be cancer. Lift your hands for me let me have you checked. She threw her both hands above her head and waited for the doctor to do his job. He started checking her as he claimed, but it wasn't just what it looked like. She tried to object because of the tingling feelings she was having. ''What about doctor Steve?, he normally has me checked, can I see him instead'', she enquired.

''Doctor Steve is not on sit, I'm the only doctor around. Should I stop?, ''I'm only trying to see if there's any lump in here''. He talked and caressed her breast at the same time. She wanted him to stop but her thought of not wanting to have breast cancer was getting in the way. The doctor took advantage of her fears and did the unthinkable. She tried to push him off but he was too strong for her. It was already too late for her to say or do anything. She just let the doctor have his way. His semen was deep inside of her. There and then it was dawn on her that she has made the terrible mistake of her life. How could she let this happen? Mirabel walked home in shame, her wedding was in a month's time. What would she tell her husband to be, should she confess or let things sly? What if she becomes pregnant, she was devastated. The only thing that came to her mind was to visit her man and make him sleep with her. After all, there were getting married soon, so it wouldn't be bad, she said to herself.

She boarded a taxi to her fiancé's house, luckily for her, he was around. Normally she would call before visiting, but this time she just didn't care. Babe, you came? Yes, I was just missing you, she replied. You don't look too good, he scanned her face with his eyes holding her jaw. I'm fine, she said. She was all over him, trying to put him in the mood. He was surprised at her actions. This is someone he always have to beg before she could let him touch her, what's going on today? He thought. Are you sure you're okay babe? ''Yes, I miss you'' was all she could say. Later on, they ended up in his bed. She tried to convince him to let his semen all in since they were about to get married, and he was okay with it. ''Could I be pregnant? She paced around her room looking bothered. If yes, who's baby could that be? No, I can't do this to him, I need to tell him what happened at the hospital. I know this might end everything but it's okay, it's my mistake, let me bear it alone''. She put a call across to her fiance and requested to see him. It wasn't long before he showed up in her apartment. ''

Are you alright? he asked, you didn't sound well on the phone, what is going on? She tried her possible best to hold her tears, this was the right time to let it all out, he's a good man and doesn't deserve to be treated in this manner. ''Babe, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, i....., before she could complete her statement, his phone rang. ''can we do this next time sweetie? I don't know what you're sorry about but whatever it is, I forgive you, let's talk about it next time okay! Just take care of yourself for me''. He said and dashed out of the house. She felt weak immediately after he left, what do I do now? Hospital, yes, I must go to the hospital and find out what's going on first. She dressed up immediately and went to the hospital. The nurses attended to her and it was discovered that she was two weeks pregnant. This made her more confused and worried.

On her way out of the hospital she met the doctor, she broke the news to him and he tried to cover up and acted as if he didn't understand what she was talking about. ''Don't you have a boyfriend? He asked. I'm sure he got you pregnant, so go and meet him and don't involve me in your predicament. He walked away leaving her standing alone in the corridor. Mirabel went home in pain and anger at the same time, she was angry at herself for being so stupid and foolish. Who is she going to tell her story to? Her wedding was in two weeks and her husband-to-be was busy making preparations for it. She just had to lay low and pretend that everything was fine.

After her wedding, her husband discovered she was pregnant, he felt happy and showered her with love and care. Things were going just fine until the moment she gave birth. ''It's a boy, congratulations Sir''. ''Oh wow, I now have a son? Glory be to God. Please doctor, can I see my wife and child? Yes, of course''. He directed him to the ward. Mirabel was gradually forgetting the incident, she had a happy family and didn't want anything to be a problem in her home. Little did she know that the bigger problem was on its way. Ever since she got married, she stopped going to her usual hospital for her checkups, she decided to register with another hospital to avoid the perverted doctor. Secondly, she stopped letting a male doctor attend to her.

One hot afternoon, she had just come back from picking up her son from school, and her phone rang. Hello!, who is this? ''I want my child'', the person from the other end said. ''What? who is this and what nonsense are you talking about''? ''You know who this is, and you know what I am talking about. It's either you give my child to me or we continue where we stopped, except you want me to tell your husband about our little secret. I heard you're now married, you can't give my child to another man''. The caller threatened. She ended the call immediately and switched off her phone. She lost concentration and just felt like killing the doctor. ''My husband, should I tell him now? What about our child, what if the doctor is his real father? God, what do I do, please save me and my marriage from this mess. I think I should tell my husband, yes, that's the best thing to do'', she thought to herself.

At night, when they were about to sleep, she looked at her husband and thought about how he was going to react if she finally let the cat out of the bag. ''Is he going to throw me out? I deserve it after all'', she said. ''Honey, can I talk to you? ''Yes, what do you want to talk about babe? He looked at her feeling concerned. I'm listening my love''. ''Do you remember that day I called you a few weeks before our wedding and wanted to talk to you? ''Oh, that? I think I remember, you said something about being sorry right? But I said I forgave you, why are you still bringing it up? ''Because I must tell you what I did wrong, she replied. ''Hmmm!, alright, go ahead, but as I said earlier, I forgive you, my love. ''She looked at him, if only this man knew what he was about to hear, he wouldn't be here talking about forgiving me''. She thought of every possible way to tell him the whole story, she tried explaining everything to him and how the doctor just called that very day to blackmail her. He was attentive, he didn't show any sign of anger or disgust towards his wife, he's always been a gentleman and loved his wife dearly.

After she was done narrating the story, her husband never said a word, he walked out of the room instead and went straight to his son's room. ''Could this be true, that I'm not your dad? He touched the little boy on his forehead, he was fast asleep and didn't know what was happening. Meanwhile, his wife was in tears, she didn't know her husband's next action. She couldn't leave the room to look for him, she wanted him to have some alone time to think, she was ready for any judgment he gives. It is better, to tell the truth than let the idiotic doctor have his way again. ''You're still awake? He asked her as he walked back into his bedroom. She shook her head in affirmation. ''You need to sleep, tomorrow is going to be a very long day babe. Sleep so that you can wake early to prepare our son for school''. ''What? why is he sounding as if nothing happened? This was killing her already, does it mean he's not angry, what's going on. ''Let's sleep, his voice drew her back from her thought. He held her close and kissed her forehead, good night my love, he said, and off he slept.

It was a long night for her, she pleaded for sleep to come but it never came. She looked at her husband who was fast asleep, holding her tightly. This is strange, what is going on? she asked. It was about 4:30 am that she felt the sleep hitting her eyes, she couldn't resist it and there she dozed off. ''Oh my God, what's the time? It's past 7 am already. She jumped out of the bed immediately. ''It seems you couldn't sleep last night. Her husband asked. ''Wait, my baby, I need to prepare him for school, oh God. ''Don't worry my dear wife, I have done that already, and I'm taking him with me. I will drop him off while on my way to work, just take care of yourself for me''. He kissed her and left. She became more worried. Is he alright?, acting all cool as if he isn't concerned about what I told him. Is he planning on divorcing me? Mehn! It was a very tough time for her. ''Doctor, can you help me run a DNA test on my child and me? The doctor looked at him, are you sure about this? he asked. Of course, I am sure and want it done as soon as possible. '' ''It's okay, that won't be a problem. Do you have the materials? Asked the Doctor. ''Yes, I have his hair and mine''. He handed it over to the doctor.

He left the hospital and headed straight to the doctor that molested his wife. He knew that doctor when he accompanied his wife for her checkup when they were still courting, but the doctor didn't know he was Mirabel's husband. ''Hey, doctor! Are you free for a little chat? he asked as he walked into his office. The doctor looked up and guessed at him, he knew him, barrister Joe. ''Do you have an appointment with me barrister? I think I do, he replied. ''Well, I don't think you do, but I can spare some minutes, I guess. The doctor responded. ''Doctor, can you tell me what happened between you and my wife Mirabel''? The doctor looked at him, shocked. He felt very uncomfortable with the question. ''Look, I don't know what you're talking about. ''You don't know what I'm talking about? You molested and raped my wife in the name of checking for cancer, using your profession to deceive women''. ''Do you know who I am doctor? Have you heard of barrister Joe before?, well, I think you have. Your rape and molestation case was brought to my desk years back, but you covered it up because there was no tangible evidence to back it up. The first day I came to this hospital with my wife, I saw you, she had a doctor who usually attended to her, so I had nothing to worry about. But you see, life has a way of bringing evil people to book''. He said angrily. ''What evidence do you have against me? ''The child, he's enough evidence. Mr. Joe told him.

The doctor was speechless, he didn't know what to do. He tried to apologize but barrister Joe walked out of his office without giving him attention. He got back home and met his wife still worried. Look babe, I don't want you to be killing yourself over this. It's a good thing you told me about it, that alone shows how remorseful you are. When it happened, you tried telling me as well, it was me who didn't give you the attention you needed at that time. That doctor is not going to get away with this, I promise you. She felt a little bit relieved on hearing from her husband but what about their child. Just then, her husband's phone rang, it was the doctor he asked to do a DNA test. He left his wife immediately and went to the hospital. It's 99.9 percent, sir, he's your son, the doctor said and handed him the result. He was happy to announce to his wife that the child was theirs. The doctor was later arrested and was to serve for 14 years imprisonment. A few weeks after the doctor's arrest, Mirabel found out she was pregnant for their second child.


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