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The Prevailing Power Of Purpose Discovery

The Prevailing Power of Purpose Discovery: An article on the importance of purpose discovery

Dedication. Life. Mankind. Living. These words are everything one can find in purpose. Living a life dedicated to mankind with our God-given gift. I would always say that purpose is a gift from a man to mankind. It's the essence of our existence, without which life would have no meaning. Our ignorance of the need to disconnect purpose has left many frustrated and stranded without a sense of direction in life. The prevailing power of purpose discovery is a deep matter that can determine the course of one's life.

Let's discuss the power of purpose. People who have discovered and dedicated their lives to purpose live differently from others. It is such that the difference in life and living between men who have discovered purpose and those who haven't is very open and vivid. The Okinawa tribe in Japan has a unique history with a purpose. The people of this tribe live long up to 100 years. They also have a very low rate of heart disease, cancer, dementia, and bone issues in old age. The community is filled with very healthy seniors and elders.  

There's something unique about these people. Amongst all their beliefs and practices, one stands out and serves as a core for other values and practices. It is called "Ikigai ."This unique tradition translates to a "unique sense of purpose ."The Okinawa tribe live their lives with a very sense of purpose. Believing that every man has a unique assignment, they dedicate their lives to living out these purposes. They are very intentional about it. This sense of purpose reflects in the relationship with others. They have roles they play seriously in the life of others. These people are intentional about helping one another. This is the living out purpose. It is even reflected in their diets. 

This tribe is also known as "the island of longevity ."Such a unique life expectancy! Displaying the power of purpose. They wake up every day having a plan for the day. They have a drive, so they live meaningfully. The power of discovering purpose is a matter we must not take for granted. It's a vehicle conveying you to your destination. Just imagine a man wanting to travel across seas without a ship. He'll sink before he even crosses the bank.

Fulfillment and satisfaction are some benefits one can drive from finding purpose. Imagine knowing the reason for which you were given to mankind. It's like finding your place amongst others. You would live your life with so much enthusiasm and excitement without confusion and frustration about what you're supposed to do. Finding your purpose and living it will give you this peace of mind that you're doing the right thing. Even when the journey becomes tough, the fact that you know the cause you're fighting for won't let you quit.

Purpose also influences the place of man amongst his kind. Since the purpose is a gift of man to mankind, a man who is living out purpose is in touch with mankind in a unique way. This is because he is dedicated to solving a unique problem. Every great man who has lived and walked the path of purpose had a special place in the heart of his people. Mary Slessor, Musa Yar'dua, Myles Munroe, Oprah Winfred. All these people have impacted the lives of people around them because of their choice to live purposefully. Till today their sacrifice and dedication are still felt. They found their place amongst men and contributed their quota.

Men and women who have walked this walk of purpose were and will always be at the top of the pyramid of success. These people stand out as role models to the young generation coming up in the same light. Not just being outstanding but also portraying an enviable and exemplary life. It is not talked about enough! It is misunderstood and underestimated today in our society. I'm talking about the efficacy of the power of purpose. Many people seek financial uplifting and fame which in themselves are not bad. But we must understand that purpose is a primary assignment that can tell so much about how our journey on earth would go. So while chasing the bag and fame, remember that the prevailing power of purpose cannot be overestimated.

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