Uduak 1 year ago

The Price Of Adulthood

As we grow, dreams change and realities in full bloom...The light flashes by; And I am lost in years of innocence; Those days when the world was at our feet; And success in our hands;

The light flashes by
And I am lost in years of innocence
Those days when the world was at our feet
And success in our hands
Listening to stories of successful people
And the praises of success sounding by
The name attached to an individual and their boastful integrity
Reminiscing those years, I am plagued by our smiles, our firing desire for success
To be like them
To be better than them

But now grown
I realized it is not that easy
Our playful boasting as tender ones of buying and building of cars and houses
Likewise of being big shots and gaining fame
Changes everyday with realities of life
It's not easy being an adult; a young one at that
Adulthood comes with a price
The Price of finding your essence, you're being through hurdles and shuttles
Nothing good comes easy
Years of sweat and preparation for the harvest

Every child is a fool
And every adult is a child
From childhood to adulthood
We've switched from our initial dreams to realities
Realities of being in the real world facing real problems
We've lost touch of what we wanted to what it is now
It is the price of being an adult
Price of advancing and growing closer to the grave
We'd be been burned, remodeled and still burning
It's the price we all have to pay.
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