The Privilege Of Time

Studying big cats, I noticed the way they hunt and what I found interesting is that 90% of the success of their hunt greatly relies on proper timing.

If the cat moved too fast, it would have to put on a long chase and have a higher chance of losing its prey. If it moved too slowly, it might miss its opportunity. So striking at the right time was key, and that's exactly how the world works if we harness the gift of time. Time can be looked at in different concepts;


Using time as a tool implies you using the right timing to your advantage. The effectiveness of everything in this world relies on performing it at its most effective time. Performing that action at any other contrary time would affect its performance. A market trader knows the best 'time' to buy a commodity is when there's a probability of demand for that commodity. A student knows the best time to study is after the brain has properly rested. A farmer knows the best time to sow is when it's in season. 


Time as a factor implies to you considering the right duration an action should hold for the desired result. If you were listening to something interesting, at some point you would want to either leave or change the topic because now it is taking too long. Imagine playing your favorite song 5 times or watching a movie 3 times at a stretch (assuming you are not Normal). Your favorite movie or song would now become something you disdain because time is being abused. 

If you were cooking food like noodles, anything below 3 minutes and the noodles might still be hard, and above 30 minutes and the noodles might be too soft, so time plays a factor that determines the quality of the noodles. Every food has a required cooking time that determines its quality, so aside from the water content and spicing, time is a factor to consider. As an investor, knowing how long you should leave your money in the market aside from knowing when to invest, plays a crucial role in determining your profit


 Every second you are giving us a new opportunity. You wouldn't see time as a gift until you are given extra 10 minutes in an exam or extra time to prepare for an event. A footballer knows the value of those extra 4 minutes in a 90-minute match. Histories have changed because of those extra 4 minutes. A gift handed to them for redemption. No matter what time God gave you to be here, it is a gift that should be properly used which is why wasting time is so wrong. (slothful) 

There's a time for everything;

-There's a day for working and night for resting

-There's the season for planting and a season for gathering 

-There's an age range to learn, and there's an age range to earn

Build now that you are young and strong because the time of youthfulness is a gift given to you. You would need the grace of extra time if you dare waste it. 


A perfect illustration of these three concepts of time is a farmer planting at a season (time as a tool) then waiting for the required period, not too early nor too late (time as a factor), and then harvesting his produce because he sowed at the proper time (time as a gift). Christ's time of coming, time to existence, and time of crucifixion was perfectly timed by God. Luke.22.53 - every day I was with you in the temple courts, and you did not lay a hand on me. BUT THIS IS YOUR HOUR--when darkness reigns."

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