*the Relationship Between Tithe And Hell* πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

If a person has even a sliver of scriptural understanding or even just the most basic knowledge of the Bible, he/she will know the times we live in and will also understand the things that will be common occurrences now; things that include an increase in false prophets and teachers.

At a time like this, when bullets of heresies and apostasy are flying all over the place, it's easy for the very elect to be deceived. I (Esther Imabong...) have been there and wouldn't want you to also fall into the trap, i.e., if you've not yet already fallen - we are saved to save others. "Did you know that the bible says you are entitled to eat your tithe?" These were the exact words of the deceiver some years back while l was still wallowing in ignorance. The person went further to confirm in Deut 12 vs. 6-7.Β 

This false doctrine swayed me because l was too busy to study the word of God, and that happened to be my first time coming across it in the Bible. As such, l thought/believed the person was full of the knowledge of God's word and also was a servant of God, but how wrong❌ l was. Today, various teachings are discouraging the payment of tithe. 

I would like to bring to your notice that anyone who discourages you from paying tithe or paying it accurately/appropriately is an agent of the devil - the earlier you flee from him/her, the better for you. Satan's aim of using such people is to keep believers in perpetual bondage, and that includes spiritual and physical bondage in ALL things.

A person once said, "I don't believe God exists because if He did, there wouldn't be any tragedy, and all these crises in the world would end." Such a convoluted talk would make sense to him, but if someone were to say, "I don't believe barbers and hairstylists exist because if they did, there wouldn't be anyone carrying unkempt hair or an overgrown beard," he would immediately throw away such vacuousness.

For him, it is perfectly understandable that a person who does not go to a barber must stay without a haircut. However, a person who does not go to God or accept His message from those He sends must still be saved and should even be able to determine the terms of his salvation no less. God's word in Malachi 3 vs. 10(Goodnews version) says, "...I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance *ALL* kinds of good things" - without paying of tithe, how will believers claim this ALL-encompassing promise of God!Β 

And should we fail to obey, this same satan will stand before God and accuse us of the peradventure God wants to fulfill the promise. It may interest you to know that heaven maintains orderliness - once the devil appears with evidence, God becomes a handicap. That is when you will hear stuff like "lawful captives." In other words, these people or people entered into this captivity willingly; I did not coerce them. But today, l pray that the mercy of God will locate us and deliver us from every captivity of satan πŸ™ (amen). The teaching on tithing is broad, but with the help of the holy spirit, l will try and summarize it while touching on most areas.

*Some Misconceptions on Tithing*

πŸ‘‰ Some people have argued that Jesus did not receive tithe during His life, so why should pastors receive tithe? The answer to this is; that Jesus was an evangelist (Luke 4: 42-44), not a pastor stationed in a particular synagogue.

πŸ‘‰ Another misconception on tithing is; that Christians should not pay tithe because Jesus did not pay tithe. If the above-mistaken belief was to be considered, then Christians shouldn't marry because Jesus did not marry. But did Jesus forbid us from marrying due to the fact Himself wasn't married?

One thing we need to know is this; whether a particular group of people accept it or not, God almighty, the creator of heaven and earth whose throne is in heaven, veiled Himself in the man (human flesh) called Jesus - John 14: 8-11. It is established that God's throne isn't here on earth but in heaven. While we humans are so well suited physically for life in this world, God is suited for heaven. He put us (humans) on this planet and mandated us to cultivate it (Gen 2:15). So, one-tenth of the proceed from cultivating the land is required from us by God for the purpose of having meat in His house.

*What Is Meat In God's House?*

Meat in Malachi 3 vs. 10 signifies food or consumption. This isn't physical food but spiritual food. I.e., It is means caring for the poor and building up the kingdom of God on earth. Simply put, it means spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. God wants the right spiritual teaching in order to perfect the people of God. Therefore, the purpose of tithing is for the operation of God's house, which must run as God intends to perfect the heart and change the people. This is why He wants food in His house.

When bringing tithes into God's storehouse, you may pay it directly to your local church, a religious organization, apostolates, and/or charities that support the ministry, provided the storehouse is a 'fertile soil' with good organization structure in place.

*The Relationship Between TitheπŸ’° and Hell* πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Without mincing words, the greatest command from God is; *love the Lord your God...* Next to it is; *love your neighbor...*(mark 12: 30-31). Your neighbor, according to Luke 10 vs. 30-37, are those people in need.

How can you say you love God, yet you do not support His work in the hand of His servants, and you do not minister to the need of your neighbors? In summary, how can you claim you love Jesus Christ without feeding His flockπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ? Dearly beloved brethren of our Lord Jesus Christ, at this junction, l put it to you that a non-tither will end up in hell.

*The Way Out*

Both histories, as well as the scripture, are replete with instances of human obedience and disobedience to God's instruction as well as the consequences. Now obedience is an act of submitting to authority, our ancestor (father Abraham), through whom today we belong to the family of Christ, obeyed God to the last instruction, including paying of tithe. And God, on the other hand, fulfilled His promises which accounted for the reason he was greatly blessed on earth and also made it into heaven. The cost of obeying God's directive is nothing compared to the cost of disobeying His directives.Β 

Beloved brethren, if we are guilty of any, then we are guilty of all. So let us check our ways and repent where necessary so we wouldn't cry "had l known" when it's already late.

I drop my πŸ–ŠοΈ

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