The Road To Success; Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

This article speaks more about; How we could be successful in life and then achieve our potential goals.

Success by definition means "achieving your set goals, objectives and potential in life." There are no shortcuts to greatness in life. The journey on the road to success is a risk one must take; it is how we set up our motives and struggle to make it in life. This road is so coarse and bumpy that we have to be wise and not get weary along the way. If we must make it, we must apply wisdom to strive in our journey to ensure we always move forward and not backward in life.

The road to success is built upon;

1. Determination.

2. Hard work.

3. Discipline.

4. Diligence.

Every individual on this planet earth has a purpose and the hunger to achieve great things in life. We have dreams to be accomplished and fulfilled. This blossom dream won't come completely easy as we anticipate. We have limited time in this life, and if we must make it, we need to use this time wisely. Our set goals define our priorities, our fashion, and our actions. They help us impose voluntary discipline, sacrifice, and purposefulness in our walk towards achieving greatness.


1. What do I strive to achieve in life?

2. What dreams do I have for my future? Am I walking towards achieving it or not?

3. How do I work towards these plans to be accomplished?

(1) What do I strive to achieve in life?

 Every individual is born to be successful and not stillborn; if only they work on the following;

Firstly;- Have a Renewed Mindset:

Genesis 6:12 says; "so God looks upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for the flesh has corrupted their way on the earth" The enemy of man is flesh, the mindset of humanity is corrupt, and the best thing to strive and work on is you have a renewed and transformed mindset by becoming born again. This is because the goal of the flesh is to destroy and kill man's closeness and relationship with God (the only true source of success). So for you to make it in life, you need to work on yourself to have a connection with your Creator, which is ultimate. You cannot achieve success outside of God.

Secondly;- Figure out and develop your plans.

Human beings are good at setting goals, although there are no other animals on this planet that do such. We need to figure out what we are our plans in life are, with strategies to see us through at each point. Your goals must be smart and solid, grounded notwithstanding; they must be positively sound. A smart goal is more achievable and won't lead you to failure. As time goes on, we need to measure out and rate our progress so far so as to work on what we are lacking behind. The first and foremost ultimate goal you need to plan and work out in life is God.

Thirdly;- Develop a consistent and disciplined mind:

Proverb 15:10 says, "Harsh discipline is for him who forsakes the way, And he who hates correction will die" No one is above correction; you need to control your emotions and work on your devotion. Though some people feel big to be corrected, this is not right. Don't be above correction because a little correction might change your life completely to be better than expected.

(2) What dreams do I have for my future? Am I walking towards achieving it or not?

Yes, everyone has dreams ahead for their future, but have you ever prayed for God's will and direction towards it? Are you really operating towards it, or are you confused and left behind? In most cases, the enemy tries as much as possible to see that you don't reach that dream in life. Therefore, you need to be vigilant, Rise up and awake from your sleep. Many people don't know how to work on this to make it a reality; why is this happening? Simple, their dreams lack God's plan, and as such, they lack the right guidance to lead them towards the right path to achieving greatness. Jesus says, "I am the way…." Don't be fooled by others who will want to make it by all means, even if it means outside God. Anyway, outside of God leads to death.

(3) How do I work towards these plans to be accomplished?

Your sincerity and devotion to God matter a lot. This makes you unique and victorious in all your endeavors; this is what sets you apart from others who have made it outside God's will. Therefore if you must be successful and accomplished in life, you need to be;

a. dedicated.

b. productive.

c. zealous.

d. Righteous.

 Make yourself successful so when people look at you, they see nothing but success. Make yourself a definition of success. Achieving that dream is not a full stop to your journey to greatness. It is just a comma to the sentence that describes who you are and how determinant you are to keep what you have just earned. It is just a step to a whole lot of trek to your destination. You are made for greatness, so claim it. Lay that landmark and let your name echo through time.

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