The Sage

Your Achievements could be holding you back...If we're obsessed with the joy we get from overcoming challenges and surpassing difficulties, then we limit ourselves to the same narrative of strength and also limit our growth.

I believe a greater joy would be making challenges unnecessary instead of keeping them as a testament to strength. This gives room for higher and lofty goals. Do not glorify difficulty; there's no nobility in it. I think we keep ourselves occupied with difficulties because we're afraid of what lies beyond the horizon if we just make difficulty unnecessary. I'll clarify. Some time ago, in a place, I was too lazy to name cos this is a made-up story... There lived a yogi who attained mastery over Maya (falsehoods of reality). He's now a sage, possessing the power of the gods and more. But he was always resentful and mad at the gods; they were so cheerful and nonchalant.

Given all the difficulties and challenges he went through to get to this state, he felt they were making a mockery of his achievements. In Hindu lore, a human sage can curse a god; he can even surpass the gods in power. One day, he watched as the gods played like idiot children. A young lady approached him and asked, "Oh wise sage, why are you so bitter? Why is your face so resentful?" He narrated his ordeal and the shit he had to go through to get his abilities and wisdom. Just to clarify, this dude was so advanced that he was chilling with the gods; humans were boring pathetic cretins to him."I dedicated my whole life to understanding Maya; I went through tribulations and suffering, I lost a lot, and I endured unimaginable horrors. But the gods, they were born this way, yet they abuse their powers."

"Oh wise one," the girl said. "But what you perceive as 'powers' is just the natural state of the gods; they don't see it as such." Perplexed, he asked..."what do you mean, young one?"One who dreams of being in the sky sees flight as a superpower and envies the bird, but that's the nature of the bird. The bird also has lofty goals" said the lady."So my anger is unjustified?" "Your anger is understandable, given your level of knowledge."

The yogi felt the lady was being condescending; he was even angrier now. 'Given all I know, how can she say this, such disrespect.' He thought, "I see you're confused. Let me assist. I don't use difficulty to validate my achievements; the validity of my achievements is based on usefulness. Unlike you, I'm not attached to my achievements; I'm not bitter when I see others who didn't struggle as I did. I'm free of resentment and anger. I can do more if I want and do less if need be; I'm not bound by my delusions, unlike you."

The yogi was now really confused. He looked around and noticed he was in the realm of the gods. He wondered if this lady was also a human sage, but how did she do that at such a young age?"I hear your thoughts, wise one, but for all your wisdom, you're still blind to the nature of Maya. I'm not a young lady; I'm not an old woman, I'm not human, I'm not a god or Goddess... I'm all of these things and more. I move through forms as I see fit, and I remain in them if necessary. The universe is my playground; I made it from Lila (play). But you've failed to see this. " After hearing this, the yogi fell to his knees and worshiped; the other gods did the same. Of course, they had to. They were in the presence of Ma Kali.

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