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The Secret

Amina waited under the mango tree as her twin brother, Mina, plucked some fruits from the tree.

It was the beginning of the rainy season, and that was the season of mangoes. The weather began to change. Amina urged her brother to be quick because they couldn't risk their health by letting the rain beat them. After many pleas from Amina, her brother decided to make do with the mangoes he had plucked already. It began to drizzle as the two children made their way back home. Unfortunately, before they could get home, the rain became heavy.

Amina proposed that they should find shelter under a tree until the rain stopped. Mina agreed because he was already tired. They sat under a guava tree while waiting for the rain to cease. Sure enough, their parents were going to scold them for returning home late and also wet. Mina started to eat the mangoes he had plucked from the tree. Amina didn't eat any because she felt they had not been properly washed. Mina only washed them in the rain.

An hour passed, and the rain was not showing any sign of stopping. Amina became worried and restless. They had to return home before nightfall. It was already dark, and they were yet to get home. After much consideration, Amina decided that they should continue on their way home. That was when a car parked in front of them. Two armed men came out of the vehicle. Amina and Mina shivered in fear.

One of the armed men pointed a gun at them. He asked who Mina was. Before Mina could answer, Amina shouted that she was the one. Mina stood dumbfounded. He told the men that Amina was lying. The other armed man laughed. They thought that as the brother, he wanted to protect his sister. The armed men didn't waste a second in pulling the supposed Mina into the vehicle. Mina watched as the car drove off. He turned and ran home screaming. When he got home, he met his mom and told her what had happened. The mom fell down on the floor and wailed.

This brought the neighbors out as they asked what had happened. They soon joined in crying when they were told what had occurred. The dad walked in and saw a little crowd gathered in front of his house. His heart skipped a beat. He wondered if anything had happened while he was away. He walked up to them and enquired the reason for their cries. Mina narrated what had happened to his twin. The dad didn't say a word. He went straight to the mom, who was being consoled by the neighbors as she sat on the floor crying.

He pulled her up and slapped her. Everywhere became quiet as they all looked at the couple. " Where did you tell them to take Amina to? " he shouted. His voice filled with rage. " I don't understand, " she replied. He slapped her again, and that was when the neighbors intervened. They scolded him for putting the blame on his wife. Despite the neighbors' shouts, he dragged his wife by the collar and threatened to kill her if she didn't tell the truth." Kill me then, " the wife barked back at him. He didn't waste time as he rained blows on her.

The neighbors tried to separate them, and they succeeded after a while. " Go on and beat me; even if you kill me, Amina won't return; besides, those kidnappers are fools. I asked them to take Mina and not Amina, " the wife screamed. This left the neighbors shocked as they looked at the screaming woman. "You won't let me give birth to my own children. I am tired of taking care of another woman's children, " she continued. This news was another shock to Mina and the neighbors. They had always thought that the woman was the mother of the twins. " I had to kill your son so that you would let me give birth to another child. Those kidnappers were foolish, " she said and scoffed. The dad ran towards her and strangled her. The neighbors tried to pull him away. Mina stood rooted at a spot, shocked about The Secret that was just exposed.

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