The Secret Root Of Infirmity

This second series of emotional health portrays the root causes of some infirmities. Ignorance of these leads to the disease itself.

What we feel emotionally often becomes how we feel physically. The disease of the mind will produce disease in the body. This is due to too much internalization of boiling stress of men. Little did we know that the mind and the body are seriously linked in that our emotional state can determine our physical health.

Certain destructive emotions release hormones into the physical body, which triggers a host of infirmities. Scientists have discovered that emotions are linked with some diseases. Emotions such as depression have been linked to developing cancer and heart diseases. Depression is very dangerous that it can suck a whole life out of a person.

Anxiety and fear have been linked to many diseases like heart palpitations and headaches. Anxiety and worry increase the risk of heart disease. Little wonder the Holy book of the Christians says, "Be anxious for nothing but by prayers and thanksgiving make your petitions and supplications made known unto God." It also further says, "do not worry for tomorrow ....for who among you can by worry add an inch to his height or add to his hair". Worry does not add up but sucks all our wholeness till we are nothing.No one has ever been rewarded for being worried or anxious; rather, it mesmerizes the person that invited such in.

A heart attack had sometimes been linked to anger. When angry sometimes, the scenario is likened to when a bottle of coca-cola is opened, and the content fumes up and spills over the bottle; when not covered, most of the content is out and not recovered, so also is it when someone is angry and starts fuming, he will be seen as a mad man. What does a mad man do? It breaks, destroys, dismantles, and demolishes. What it took years to build will be down just in seconds!

Does it have an impact on the emotions of such a person in this act? Of course, it does. The heart beats faster than normal, and the hormones or body chemicals released in the bloodstream at that moment aren't good for the body. Therefore, it subjects the heart to more functioning than normal; when this is frequently happy, it could lead to a series of heart attacks.

Marital disagreement and strife shorten women's life because women are an entity that needs to be treated tenderly and is referred to as weaker vessels. Also, changes in sleep patterns, little or excessive, difficulty in falling asleep, early morning awakenings, fatigue, being easily agitated, difficulty concentrating, being pessimistic, and suicidal thoughts are all markers of depression that lead to other issues.

What can you do when you are angry with another person?

Voice out what you're feeling rather than bottling up. Our mind is too small to contain all men's grudges than ever offend you in a lifetime! In addition, replace negative thoughts with positive and godly thinking because your thoughts create your words. Moreso, be ready to be enrolled in the school of forgiveness, be happy and learn to relax. Don't be moody, be happy always!

Remember always that,

"If you don't make yourself happy, who else will?"

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