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The Set Up.

Sade got jealous of her friend Simbi and decided to bring her down but all means but God showed up for her at the end.

Simbi, I can't take this anymore. You are leaving my house right now. Only you just today, you committed adultery in our own house and embezzled 10million naira belonging to the company. Dayo, please, I can explain; it's not exactly what happened. I am sure it is some kind of setup.

Save yourself the story and tell other ladies like you outside. I will leave if you insist, Dayo, but I know very soon that God will reveal the truth. ***Flashback***Simbi and Sade happened to be best friends who loved themselves so much. Simbi graduated with a good result and got a well-paying job, while Sade happened to graduate with an average result but couldn't get a job. A few months after graduation, Simbi met Dayo, and within a few months, they got married. Sade became bitter and jealous of her friend. She plotted ways to make her become like her and, alas, got the best way to go about it. A setup. Yes, a setup..not just one set up, but two set up. Sade has said while in her room, thinking of how to destroy her friend.

Simbi, do you think you can have it all? Thinks and laughs out wickedly. A caring man, well-paid job, and brains, just wait for a little till I pull you down. She has said to herself. Will you do the work or not? Sade asked Eric on the phone. Sade, remember I am a bad guy even right from school, and I am ready to do it for free just to have that babe... Simbi is a sweet girl that I have been admiring since my university days. Hmmmmmm.. that is not why I called you; I called you to help me drug her, rape her, record it perfectly and send it to her husband. Sade, consider it done. Eric said, smiling confidently. Hello TJ, it's Sade.. didn't you save my number again? I am sorry, Sade, I lost my phone and just retrieved my line. What's up, babe? Have you considered me for another round of adventures? Tunji asked seductively.

I will consider you on only one condition. Which is? Help me implicate my friend by forging her signature that she embezzled a lot of money. Ha!! Sade, that's way too much to do to an innocent lady. No problem then, I am sorry for asking you to do it... Nothing can ever happen between us again. Sade said, deliberately emphasizing the word ever. Wait... I will do it. When are we meeting then? Good boy, I will get back to you after I receive the good news of her being sacked. Bye. Knock at the door. You can come in, please; the door is opened. Simbi called out. Simbi!! You have become a big lady o, just like a madam.. nice to see you again.

Eric, how did you get my place? It's nice seeing you again, but it's funny you know my place. Curious, Simbi said. I called Sade, and she directed me here. Eric lied. Wow... That's so cool of you, but we were not so close while in school. Simbi, I have always wanted to be close to you, but you never gave me a chance to do that but let's forget are married now.. happily married for that matter. Eric said, smiling. Thanks so much for your understanding. Let me get us something to drink before I get food in the kitchen. Simbi said, running off. just made my plans easy..Eric said and put the drug in the drink before Simbi came back from the kitchen. Simbi drank the drink and started feeling somehow, and before she could talk, she saw a lady that looked like Sade with a camera in her hand before she went off. A few minutes after the whole thing, her husband came back home, and she couldn't believe that what happened was real as she thought she was dreaming.**********************************

Exactly a year later, Sade moved into Dayo's house after so many attempts, and they were living as couples expecting their first child. Sade's phone started ringing continuously. Babe, pick up your call. Dayo calls out from the sitting room. I will, darling. I am almost done dressing up for the shop. Okay. I have to be on my way to the office. See you later, sweet. Dayo said Okay, dear, bye. Yes, Tunji, what do you need from me? Sade said after picking up her call. Sade, you can't give my child to another man.. it will not work... if you are not careful enough, I will blow all your activities and spoil you everywhere.. your name will be so popular on social media. Tunji said with confidence. Tunji, are you threatening me? It's like you don't know me. I will make sure I keep you shut for this you have done. Sade said with all seriousness.

Immediately Sade dropped her call; she searched for an assassin's number she got when she was on a mission to bring Simbi down. She quickly called the guy and gave him the full details of Tunji telling the guy she didn't want him alive tomorrow. Meanwhile, Tunji, aware of Sade's wicked heart, went to report himself to his boss and sent a voice note to his brother and sister explaining everything that happened, including Eric's involvement in Simbi's rape. Tunji was sacked, and Simbi was called back to her work with an apology and promotion. Simbi got closer to God due to what happened to her, and God answered her prayers by putting a serious fight between Eric and Sade. Eric saw Sola and fell in love with her the moment he set his eye on her. The two youth decided to take their relationship to the next level by knowing each other families, but Sola happened to be Sade's sister. Sade refused to accept Eric due to what was between them but didn't want to talk. After a while, Eric decided to confess everything to Sola, and she couldn't but cry for Aunty Simbi, who has only been a wonderful sister to her and her sister. She sent a voice note to Simbi only to see her reply that Tunji's sister had already sent a voice note to her explaining everything, but she was not ready to fight but leave everything to God.


A few weeks later. A knock at the door. Yes, please come in. Dayo said. We are from Oloja police station, and we are here to see one Sade Idimoje. I am the one officer.. hope all is well? Sade replied. Yes, but I am sorry you will have to follow us to our station. What for? Dayo interrupted.

She is accused of the murder of Mr. Tunji Adewola. What???! Dayo exclaimed. Madam, anything you say or do here will be used against you in the court of law, so I will advise you to stay quiet and calm. Help me call the lawyer, please. Sade said while being dragged away. After much investigation, Sade was found guilty, charged to court, and given a life imprisonment judgment, but due to the vigorous work at the prison, she had a miscarriage. Simbi went back to her husband's house, and they lived happily afterward. They gave birth to three children. Eric was sent to 21years imprisonment but used only two years as a new government pardoned some prisoners in which he was part. Eric and Sola later got married and lived happily. Tunji's siblings missed their brother and were also sad Sade lost the pregnancy, but we're grateful she got punished for killing their brother. The assassin died while at the prison before he could finish his 35 years in prison.

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