Mila 1 year ago

The Seven Deadly Sins

Like an overflowing river that engulfs us; Taking control of our thoughts and emotions; Making the seeds of Adam acrimonious;

Like an overflowing river that engulfs us
Taking control of our thoughts and emotions
Making the seeds of Adam acrimonious
Tearing us apart like an abrasion

The Seven Deadly sins
We are vulnerable to them
Turning us into their myrmidons
They rob us of our precious diadem

Warding off the deadly sins can be difficult
Just like distinguishing colors in darkness
It leaves our feelings in a great tumult
Even if we happen to be dauntless

Notwithstanding they can still be controlled
With the heavenly virtues, we can
Having the virtues alone is a foothold
We can swap it for the deadly sins, yes we can!
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