The Shining Light

The poem depicts the importance of light and the depth of its true nature...In the depths of darkness, behold a shining light;

In the depths of darkness, behold a shining light,
A beacon of hope in the blackest of night.
It flickers and dances with a radiant glow,
Guiding lost souls toward the path they should go.

Its brilliance astounds, a celestial flame,
Igniting courage, igniting any shame.
Through storms and sorrows, its glow never fades,
A testament to the strength that it pervades.

With each gentle flicker, it whispers a tale,
Of triumph and joy that trials cannot derail.
It beckons the weary and those in despair,
Offering solace with a tender and caring air.

When shadows loom large and doubts cloud the mind,
The shining light shatters darkness, so kind.
It speaks of dreams, possibilities vast,
Of taking that first step, despite the past.

For within its glow, a promise does dwell,
That in every heart, a shining light can swell.
In times of sorrow, it cannot be forsaken,
For deep within, a strength shall awaken.

So let it guide you, this gleaming eternal,
A lighthouse to guide you through life's tumultuous vernal.
Hold it close, let its brilliance inspire,
A reminder that within you, there's a fire.
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