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The Smart

Smart is smart indeed but greedy...Smart is really a smart lad according to his name, but he is greedy.

Stella, his twin sister, noticed this and corrected him about his greediness, but he wouldn't listen. A day before his birthday, his parents bought him a new phone and bought his twin sister a bicycle because she could ride it,, and he could not, but he was not happy with the gift and coveted his sister's gift.

He woke up as early as possible on his fifteen years birthday, looked around the house for his sister's bicycle, saw it, and decided to ride it so his parents could get him his own. He hadn't even passed the front of the house when he injured himself, and he had to spend his birthday in a hospital bed. He promised himself to be contented with anything he got.

After being discharged from the hospital two days after his birthday, he soon forgets about the pain and decides to throw away his sister's bicycle. He sneaks out of the house with the bicycle and goes far away to throw the bicycle away. When he got back home, his sister decided to teach him how to ride it as agreed by their parents, but Smart already threw the bicycle away.

He went back to where he threw the bicycle and met a madman riding it, he tried to get it back, but he was injured by the madman. His parents got to hear about it and took him to the hospital after recovering the bicycle from the madman. Smart got a scar from the injury of the madman and also didn't get to learn how to ride a bicycle. He then genuinely repented, but his parents and sister did not believe him until after a long time.

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