The Smell After The Rain

When it rains, you might be by the window watching it beautifully fall; you may feel the sudden urge to stretch your hands, let the cold rain caress your hands. You may want the rain not to stop, to keep pouring down heavily because you love the sound of the rain on the roof, and you like how cold you're feeling inside your warm home, total comfort, and peace of mind. You don't just want the rain to stop because it soothes you. You don't like the smell after the rainfall. It should have continued raining.

When it rains, you might be walking home with not-so-good news; you might have left your umbrella at home. When a raindrop touches you, you sigh and curse it, damn! Why today? But who cares? You want to run, but you don't run. You let the rain give you painful slaps everywhere it could. You hate the rain but not more than life; you like the rain somehow. It hides your frustrating tears. You don't care about the smell after the rainfall because you have no interest in whether it rained.

When it rains, you might be walking to pick up your child from school; when a raindrop falls on your skin, you will smile and thank God you brought an umbrella. You will want the rain to have stopped when you're going home with your child, so he could talk about the smell after the rainfall, of how the smell reminds him of ginger biscuits. You like the smell after the rainfall because your child loves it.

When it rains, you Will be under the rain, with wafer biscuits and mentors candies on your carton. The rain will annoy you; it's interfering with your business. You only like the rain when it rains at night. It makes your heater boiling room cold and the night more enjoyable. But you like the smell of the rain because travelers would buy a lot of mentos candies, and that smells like good business.

And I'm more concerned about the color of the sky after it rains. It makes me think, what color is my sky? Is it the bright color of a sunny day sky? Or the cloudy color when it rains? Or perhaps, is it the gentle color of the sky after the rain? But tell me, do you Like the Smell after the rainfall?

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