The Sojourner Contd (chapter Six.)

I was a very talented lecturer to my students; I combined real-life practical teaching with theoretical lectures to make sure the point of my topic was conveyed to the students, I also made my office opened to any students who wanted a further explanation on any course that seemed difficult, and soon my name was on the lips of most students in my department as a good lecturer.

I published some journals and books and also started making plans for my Ph.D. program. Due to the fact that students understood me better when lecturing, coupled with the fact that I was a young lecturer, many of them drew close to me, both male and female students. I enjoyed the company of female students better because I flirted with some of them, especially those ones who were loose soon; I invited one of those ladies to my house. Due to my insatiable lustful desire, I didn't stop with her; many beautiful female students soon became prey to me. 

Whenever I saw any lady beautiful and offering my course, I would stop at nothing to make sure I have my way with such lady; I was even ready to go as far as giving any lady who proved stubborn carry-over till they succumb to my request which I didn't because most ladies weren't stubborn to that extent. I enjoyed this habit, as I didn't spend anything on those ladies to have them, they even gave me money sometimes to show appreciation whenever I passed them in my course after paying me in kind, but unknown to me my name was already getting popular among students and even some lecturer as 'Mr. Fresh' as I love preying on freshers.

Nemesis caught up with me when I met Cynthia; she was a 100l student of Microbiology, which my course was one of her major courses; a light-complexioned, beautiful and humble lady, I would classify her as an average student because she didn't seem to understand things easily and being a very good explanatory lecturer, she got close to me so I could put her through whenever she doesn't understand any course, and I even recommended books to her for better understanding, because of this she became fond of me, she spends time in my office whenever she doesn't have a lecture, she told me about the fact that some of her colleagues advised her to keep her distance from me, with the claim that what would end our closeness wouldn't be palatable. I smiled the day she told me, telling her they were all rumors that she shouldn't believe; she trusted me and believed everything I said.

At first, I took Cynthia like a sister, someone who needed my mentoring and help to succeed, but something else was conjuring itself in my mind; I wanted to have Cynthia; she was just too pretty, having a perfect body shape I just couldn't just resist her no matter how hard I try to, my mind was always reeling with lust whenever we are together. At first, I tried to suppress it by thinking about other things whenever we were together, but that didn't work; my body would react to the slightest touch from her. Looking back at those days, the words of Apostle Paul in Roman 8:21-23 comes to my mind: "So I find then a law, that when I would do good, evil is present in me, for I delight in the law of God after the inward man, but I see another law in my member, warring against the law of my mind and bringing me Into captivity to the law of sin which is in my member" because truly I didn't want to have anything to do with Cynthia carnally, I just wanted to help her academically as a good lecturer, but I ended up doing what I didn't want to do. I raped her.

Ahhhh! Dele exclaimed. Why would you do that? I thought you said you really didn't want to know her carnally? 

Well, I really wished I didn't because I paid dearly for my actions. As I was saying earlier, I tried my best to suppress my lustful feelings, but that didn't last long because soon that lust overcame my reasoning, and I started passing sexual advances at Cynthia, like tickling her unnecessarily, passing comments about her dress, her body shape, etc. This which she didn't understand since she was still a novice, and this thrilled me more, I concluded she would still be a virgin, and if I could lay my hands on her, then she would be forever bound to me, and I could use her to satisfy my inordinate lust whenever the need arise, then I started scheming on how to carry out my plans. The opportunity I was waiting for came when she was about to write her 2nd-year exam, of which my course was a 5units course; she complained to me she couldn't comprehend some topics under the course; I told her I had a textbook that could help her, it was a simplified textbook on topics under Microbiology, but it was at home, I told her to come for it when I would have closed in the evening, of which she promised to come.

True to her words, she came around 5 pm; I was surprised when none of her friends escorted her; she wasn't the type that goes out alone. I smiled "everything was going according to my plan." She later told me they had an exam prayer in their fellowship, and she just decided to stop by my place to collect the book and join them at the church. I stylishly asked her if her friends wouldn't be bothered about where she went, "I just told them I was going somewhere to get a textbook, and since I wouldn't be spending much time, I didn't bother telling them where," she replied. I was happy; things were falling in place for my plans to work out; I told her to wait for me in the sitting room for me to get the book inside; in the process, I had poured a sedated fruit juice into a glass cup for her, I gave her the book and offered the juice, which she took hastily. I engaged her in a discussion about the sedative to start working; she decided to leave after a few minutes, but when she tried standing to leave, the sedative started working, and soon she fell asleep.

I smiled; my plans had worked out; I took her inside and satisfied myself. I raped her; I wasn't surprised when I met her as a virgin, but I was also ashamed of myself for what I had done; I was already regretting my actions and didn't know what to do or how will she react when she wakes up and found out I had defiled her? I decided to play the card of pleading whenever she woke up that It was all the Devil's doing; little did I know that was the beginning of my downfall. Cynthia woke up after an hour, and she was surprised to find out she was in my room; she screamed and cried when she found realized I had sedated, raped, and defiled her. I started begging her immediately, claiming it was the Devil's handwork; she didn't pay attention to all my pleading; she got up, cleaned herself, and left. 

At first, I was afraid; I had never done this before; all the ladies I had been using came to me either out of threat or out of their own volition; I had never raped a student before. I had gotten myself in a big mess, and a big mess it was indeed, "Bro Ajayi sighed." I was at a loss of what would happen next or what Cynthia will do in retaliation; I decided to shrug off those thoughts, I was her lecturer and the next person in line to be the HOD( Head of Department) of her department she ought to reason along, and as a matter of fact, if I became the HOD she has a lot to gain from me. Furthermore, she has no evidence to prove I raped her; she didn't tell her friends she was coming to my place, and even the book which could have implicated me, she didn't take out of anger.

The next day, I called her line repeatedly, but she didn't pick up; I sent her a text message to come to my office that also proved futile; after a week of not seeing her in class, I became scared, and the thoughts of what she could be planning bombarded my mind, then I went in search of one of her roommate who wasn't in my department but offering my course, her name was Damilola. She told me Cynthia had traveled home a week ago; her reply sent chills down my spine. Could she have gone to report me to her parents?

This was a Private institution, and they respect parents' and students' opinions a lot; I tried asking Damilola if she noticed anything unusual about her before she left. "She was unusually quiet when she came back from where she went to on Friday to get some textbook which she didn't bring back, and we tried asking her what the problem of which she didn't give any definite response, then we let her alone. Probably her unseen boyfriend broke up with her, and she decided to go home to clear her head," she concluded. I tried to play along and smiled "she isn't the type to have a boyfriend, Cynthia is a too serious type, but no one can be trusted" I replied. Damilola left my office, and I tried calling Cynthia again; she didn't pick up, and I resigned to fate and also made my counterplan for whatever she might have in mind to do whenever she came back.

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