The Sold Peace

The sold peace is a poem of 28 lines, in form of 2 stanzas and each stanza is 14lines which is called sonnet. And the poem talks about how and why our society lost its love and the consequence of having no love in our society.

I have sold the peace
For just one gold piece
I have laid aside my fear
After all, I got from life wasn't enough fair
My soles aren't walking me high
But my soul resides where on the great high
I have taken away my prize
To the fast lost seeking pride
Leaving ache to the spread of the sun
Besides the sick dying son
So gone like a bullet shot
Wrist twist to pen down but mind mile is short
At the archaic world
Simple lost love in word

Where lies my salvation
I have but peace in moderation
Leaping the upon the dry ground
Seeking fear in a faded grand
To my eyes, I've led my tears to pray
To my heart, it's an aching prey
How then my mind breeds ego
And stick my boots fear to go
The sold peace can't be find
Even the buyer can't also be find
Walk me abase the passage of love
Maybe there lies my soul feeble loaf
I will engulf it
And wait if I will then find strength in it.
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