The Stranger I Married

Do people change after marriage? Its hurts to see someone who literally share everything with you,shut you out.

Do people change after marriage? It hurts to see someone who literally shares everything with you shut you out. Someone you used to know who became a stranger. That brings me to my dear wife, who turned into a stranger overnight. When I first married my wife, she was a real sweetheart; even when she went to the toilet, she would tell me. We were best of friends. My wife doesn't keep friends; for as long as I remember, she has only had one friend since I have known her.

During my free time, I help her around the house; when she falls sick, I will cook and take care of our kids. My wife used to be helping around the house that she sometimes pretended like she was sick; even though I know she was lying about it, I still helped her. Helping her around the house has made her lazy that she sometimes piled up dirty clothes; she knows I hate it, but she will still keep them around until I wash them. My mom came over and was shocked when she saw our I was taking care of the house. When my mom left, I saw the truth he what she said. So I stopped doing the chores. My wife asked about it, and it resulted in fi_ght.

After we settled it, she no longer told me anything; sometimes, she would leave the house without my permission. She will leave the house with my kids and lock me outside. At times when she came back, she would be too tired to cook. It is either we eat bread or drink garri. Even when I refuse to eat it, she still won't do anything; if I now prepare rice or Amala, she will have the strength to eat out of it.

I later found out she has been visiting one woman in our area; every blessed day, my wife will go to that woman's house even when I'm at home, she will go there with our kids, and they usually return home late in the night. Bread has become our daily meal because my wife has refused to cook it. I don't even know what to do; I need to get my wife back.

That woman she normally goes to has a husband and children that are old enough to cook. Sometimes when I passed that woman's house, I walked slowly to eavesdrop on their conversation. I caught them talking about me when I went there to collect the house key because she locked me out.

What do you think I should do to get my wife back? Should I start doing the chores again? Or. Should I stop my wife from visiting that woman?

Black Goddess 🖤🖤🖤


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