The Stranger In Suit: Sequel To "the Devil Is The Same Everywhere

Inspired by True Story - It was late afternoon, around 5:30 pm; Bukola was already fixing dinner as Tunde was home early.

Tunde is a successful Insurance broker; he has made a name for himself in the business world and a beautiful home in Ajah for his family with their kids far away in the United kingdom studying. They've been married for 28 years but still act like "kids on the moon." Then the doorbell rang; Tunde yelled, 'I'll get it". He left his study, went down the hallways, and opened the door. The gentleman in Suit asked, "Please, are you Mr. Tunde Alayo?".....He replied affirmatively. "I'm from the EFCC, and we found out certain monetary malpractice in your company's dealing."Β 

All this while, Bukola was busy in the kitchen garnishing and rounding up the preparation of the turkey for the oven. Being the morally genuine person, Tunde wondered if the information the man in the suit is giving correlates to his files and deals. He doubted. His instincts were right. That was actually a hired assassin at his doorstep. So he asked, "Sir, can't we do this officially"? This is my private residence. I wouldn't bring business matters home". The guy in the suit proceeded to warn him about the consequences of not trashing this out personally as it could affect the whole firm.... "you want everybody to go down for this, then be my guest." Asking Tunde to let him in so they could talk.Β 

As Tunde obliged him and ushered him in. He stepped to the side, pulled out a gun, and asked Tunde to close the door quietly behind them. He restrained Tunde by tying him up. With all the commotion going on, Bukola headed straight to the living area. The man in the suit was startled; he turned around, aimed his handgun, and shot her straight in the face. She fell over, groaning. By this Time, Tunde was peeing in his pants. He couldn't scream, he couldn't fight; he was subdued. Tape around the mouth, ropes around the limps. He was begging for his life with his eyes.Β 

To be continued


Starting a new crime series. Hope you're not squeamish. Based on true crimes and real people. Names and situations are adjusted. Anyone could be a victim of a deadly crime. Like James Patterson always say, "The truth could be stranger than fiction." The devil is the same everywhere.

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